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The Joint Commission - National Quality ApprovalChiron is proud to not only offer traditional inpatient and medical rehabilitation services, but also a wide continuum of options for most addictions and drugs of choice. Patients can choose from general treatment services, intensive outpatient treatment, inpatient options for drugs and for alcohol, and options for long-term treatment as well.

Chiron Recovery believes in leading, not in following. We conduct out own research with our dedicated research staff and apply the lessons we learn to our treatment programs. This allows us to continually innovate and improve. Customization and patient choice are essential to us. Patients have the option of enrolling in traditional rehab, with all stages completed in the same facility, or they can sign up for the Florida model of treatment, with residential and clinical operations taking place in separate locations. This, in addition to our variety of holistic and experiential programs, allow for a unique and all-inclusive experience unlike any other.

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Detox Options Detox Options

Detox is the crucial first step of any journey towards sobriety. A difficult and sometimes dangerous process, detox is not something you should try to face alone. Don’t go cold turkey - check out our medical detox here.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If an addiction is linked with a mental health issue, the two must be treated together in order to heal. Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety often accompany the abuse of drugs or alcohol, however, they are quite treatable.

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Treatment Options Treatment Options

Chiron Recovery can help with most addiction and substance abuse disorders. Our flexibility in terms of inpatient/outpatient options, alternative and traditional therapies, and patient care allows us to handle any situation.

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Admissions Process Admissions Process

We’re here to help; our admissions process is streamlined and easy, not full of red tape and waiting. Our intake coordinators are waiting to take your call and guide you or your loved one through every step of the process with patience and compassion.

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Experiential Therapy Experiential Therapy

Sometimes the best way to break a habit is to try something new. Through art, music, outdoor therapy, or even a thing a simple as family therapy, you can break the mold and you can break the habit. Find out how to get some new perspective here.

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Insurance Solutions Insurance Solutions

Chiron accepts most major insurances and cash/credit payments. Don’t let anxiety about the cost prevent you from getting the help you need; in the long run, your health is more important than anything else. Click to find out more.

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We Make Your Transition Into Recovery as Smooth as Possible

Intake. Admission. Detox. Treatment. Sober Living. Sometimes recovery seems like an endless series of hurdles you have to get past. At Chiron, we know that addiction recovery needs less roadblocks, not more.

That's why we've designed our various programs, from detox to aftercare, to be personalized for your needs. This allows you to stop worrying about what the next step is and focus on your health and wellbeing. Call today to see how we can smooth your transition into a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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