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10 Reasons Drug Detox Centers Work

November 20, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Breaking the drug habit is almost always impossible to accomplish on your own. When you go cold turkey or resort to home detox kits, not only are your chances of recovery very slim, your health and safety are also put at great risk. Therefore, if you or a loved one is finally considering a drug-free life, a treatment plan under proper medical supervision is recommended.

Here are top ten reasons why drug detox centers do work.

  1. They offer drug detox programs that are structured and designed in a safe and effective way to promote the health and wellness of patients. Going cold turkey and using home detox kits, on the other hand, offer no organized treatment plan and are thus unsafe and ineffective.
  2. They provide inpatient treatment, wherein a patient can take shelter in a strictly drug-free and positive environment that is more conducive to healing and recovery. This arrangement makes it so that a patient is safer from the onslaught of drug temptation. In other words, he is voluntarily placing himself in a situation where it would be harder for him to sustain his addiction.
  3. In a residential program, they can provide the necessary medical support 24/7. In other words, patients will be under strict monitoring from professional healthcare providers. Rest assured that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your loved one is in safe and reliable hands, and is thus well taken care of.
  4. Drug detox centers provide professional medical supervision, counseling, and support during the detoxification process– all of which are absent from a do-it-yourself route. These are vital recovery success factors, the absence of which will certainly result in recovery failure, even possibly damaging and endangering the health of a patient. Remember, withdrawal symptoms are never for the faint-hearted and require a solid support system that only a medically supervised route can guarantee.
  5. Drug rehab centers practice zero tolerance for drugs. This ensures that patients taking refuge in residential facilities are safe from external negative influences. While an inpatient or residential set-up allows phone calls and visits, these are strictly limited and closely monitored to prevent the smuggling and enabling of drugs to the patients.
  6. Inpatient drug detox treatment provided by rehab centers enables patients some privacy to completely focus and introspect. A peaceful setting that is free from external stress or distractions is conducive to patient recovery and sobriety.
  7. Rehab centers promote positive and productive friendships with fellow patients. This relationship between addicts is no longer one of enabling each other’s addictions. It is now a relationship of mutual support against their common foe – drugs. Sharing the common goal of sobriety, patients can seek support from or give support to fellow recovering addicts.
  8. Rehab centers also offer out-of-the-box therapy alternatives, such as Yoga exercise, Tai Chi, relaxing massage or other stress-busters to help speed up and secure recovery success. Aside from much-needed exercise, another important aspect addressed by residential drug treatment centers is proper nutrition. These basic diet and exercise needs should be properly addressed in order to physically strengthen patients during the agonizing withdrawal experience.
  9. Rehab centers address not only the physical well-being of patients but also their mental health. Through behavioral and cognitive therapies performed by mental health experts, relapses can be prevented and lasting sobriety can be achieved. Furthermore, co-occurring mental issues can also be diagnosed and treated.
  10. In a medically supervised drug detox set-up, patients can also choose from a Christian-based, a mildly spiritual or a scientific approach, depending on their inclinations and preferences. Such unconventional approaches can help address the root of the problem, thus making the whole drug rehab experience more productive. They dramatically aid in filling the void or emptiness that usually pushes individuals into a nasty drug habit in the very first place.

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