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4 Things You Should Know About Luxury Treatment Centers

March 7, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Luxury Treatment CentersThere are many kinds of addiction treatment centers in the country today. While all of them generally provides professional treatment to recovering addicts, their style, facilities, and specific treatment approaches differ. For instance, traditional alcohol and drug treatment centers commonly offer inpatient and outpatient treatments using conventional rehabilitation methods. State-run facilities, on the other hand, generally deliver the most basic drug treatment as well as referral services but the waiting list is usually quite long.

From among the many addiction treatment centers available, luxury or high-end treatment facilities usually stand out from the rest. It is also the preferred rehab centers of celebrities and high-profile individuals who are suffering from substance abuse disorders. Here are 8 things that set luxury treatment centers apart from conventional ones:

  • Superior Treatment Team and Rehab Staff

Considering the cost of luxury rehab, you can be assured that they only employ the best addiction specialists and most qualified rehab staff. Moreover, their specialist-to-patient ratio is much smaller compared with traditional treatment centers. This means that every recovering addict seeking treatment in a luxury rehab facility will receive highly individualized treatment which can greatly improve the chances of effective recovery.

  • More Holistic Treatment Options

Luxury rehabs offer holistic treatment options that other conventional rehab facilities normally do not provide such as aromatherapy and spa treatments, luxurious massage, reiki, and acupuncture. All these alternative healing methods have been found effective in reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

  • Wide-Range of Therapeutic Approaches

High-end rehabs can afford to include a variety of treatment options that traditional rehab facilities cannot offer because of constraints in resources such as animal therapy that involves large animals such as horses and nature therapy that needs wide beautiful locations. Animal and nature therapies have been proven to help the patient build self-esteem, affection, responsibility, and other essential life skills that they will need to cope with the challenges of the real world.

  • Latest and Most Cutting Edge Addiction Treatment Methods

Unlike traditional treatment centers that usually stick to conventional treatment methods, luxury rehab facilities lead in offering the latest and highly sophisticated addiction treatment approaches. The treatment specialists in high-end rehab also use the most advanced treatment technology that can expedite the patient’s recovery process.

  • Exceptional Amenities

Staying in a luxury treatment center feels like being on a vacation considering the exceptional amenities they offer. They provide organic and gourmet dishes to their patients, gym and swimming pool access with trainers and coaches, spa treatments and many other hotel-like services. While all these things may seem frivolous to some, they actually provide healing benefits as they help relax the mind and body of the patient.

  • Scenic Locations

High-end treatment centers are in areas that look like vacation spots such as mountains, beaches, and deserts. This makes the entire treatment process more acceptable and inviting for patients considering that they are surrounded by beautiful scenery while being assisted by qualified treatment experts.

  • Guaranteed Privacy

Luxury rehab centers provide utmost privacy. Their center cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons and their patients’ personal information are highly confidential. This is the reason why celebrities, politicians and other members of the “rich and famous” only seek treatment in luxury treatment facilities.

  • Costly

Compared with traditional rehab centers, luxury treatment facilities are naturally more expensive considering the outstanding things the latter offers. It is important to note, however, that there are certain health insurances that cover being admitted in high-end treatment centers.
If you are a drug dependent looking for the best possible treatment program handled by top addiction specialists in a setting that is most relaxing and comfortable, there is no doubt that luxury rehab is what you need especially if cost is not an important consideration for you.  

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