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6 Ways Pet Therapy Can Help During Rehab

March 24, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Pet Therapy Pet therapy is one effective component of a structured therapeutic practice that is often employed for drug addiction treatment. It is one way of developing a sense of connection and allowing addicted people to have a shared responsibility in contributing the welfare of the animal involved. It is also seen to be effective especially with recovering addicts because they help strengthen the therapeutic partnership between the patient and the therapist, forming a strong bond and connection. Some of the ways pet therapy helps during the treatment for drug addiction includes:

Helps forget worries and problems that contributes to addiction

People who are around animals have a greater tendency to forget about their worries and problems. This can be true especially for someone who has been so deeply ingrained with his addiction. When an addict is around dogs, for example, he diverts his attention to the animal rather than on himself.

Also, as pets can be loyal companions, they can contribute to the overall wellness of an addict by providing unconditional love. For a recovering addict, being exposed to animals makes him think of the welfare of the animal rather than focusing on himself and on his addiction.

Helps reduce tensions that are often involved with substance dependence

One important benefit of involving animals during your drug addiction treatment is it lessens the tension that is often difficult to get rid of during addiction. As there can be different causes that perpetrated your addiction, it can be helpful to have a companion who will be willing to contribute to your rehabilitation. Animals, especially dogs, are receptive of their escorts feeling and know when they are stressed or depressed.

Lessens the impact of co-occurring disorders

When pet therapy is included in your rehab treatment, it can help you develop a sense of comfort around creatures that appear to be threatening but really aren’t. It allows you to have control over your emotions and thoughts which are often sensed by the animal involved. Horses are also one of the animals that are utilized during drug treatment because they have the same communication style as we do which can be relatable. Horses are able to give a prompt and sincere feedback based on what they observe from the participating addict. This helps an addict develop strong relationship skills that can be used after recovery.

Animal therapy teaches about the importance of relationships

Most animals involved with the treatment procedure are relational creatures which can reflect behaviors and thinking patterns to a recovering addict. They are also good ways to show a recovering addict on how they relate to others. When animals are involved with the treatment program, it teaches them how to create and build a healthy relationship simply by being able to interact with them. Most often, the relationship between the animal and the participant is based on partnership and cooperation and is all about equality and fairness.

Allows an addict to learn about himself

When pets are involved during the recovery phase of an addict, it allows him to rediscover his strengths and weaknesses which make a dramatic effect on the thinking process and behavior. It also allows him to take part in a relationship that is not based on judgment. This can be important for a recovering addict as it takes away the stresses that would normally materialize with a person-to-person relationship.

Pet therapy promotes physical activity

Pets are a good way to promote physical activity for a recovering addict. This can be helpful most especially when an addict needs to involve physical activities with his treatment procedure. Having a pet around requires you to get up and devote some time also to promote the health of the animal. It also encourages an addict to spend time outdoors which can be a healthy way to deviate his attention off the addiction.

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