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7 Things Loved Ones Need to Know About Rehab

March 21, 2017 - - 0 Comments

RehabHaving somebody you love and care about suffer from substance abuse disorder is heartbreaking. Fortunately, your family and your drug or alcohol dependent loved one need not go through the recovery process alone since there are numerous drug rehabilitation facilities that offer effective drug treatment programs.

Seeking professional drug or alcoholism treatment program is the critical first step in the recovery process. It is almost impossible for your loved one to achieve sobriety without receiving treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab facility.

If your loved one is starting his recovery journey from substance abuse disorder in a reputable addiction rehab center, here are 7 things that you should know to help you during this time:

  • Rehab is the best place for your loved one to get better.

You can put your mind at ease when your loved one is in rehab because you can be assured that he is getting the help he needs to get his life back on track. This is the chance for you to be relieved because something is being done to assist your loved one towards sobriety. Keep in mind that he is surrounded by people who have the knowledge, skills, and training to assist your loved one in addressing his substance abuse disorder.

  • Rehab will not only focus on getting rid of your loved one’s addiction problem but in helping him learn essential coping skills as well.

You need to understand that the treatment specialists in the drug rehab facilities are not merely focusing on helping your loved one stop abusing drugs. More importantly, they are also helping the patient learn positive coping skills so that he will be ready to face the challenges of real life the moment he is released.

  • Rehab will do whatever it takes to facilitate recovery and you should not take it personally.

At the beginning stages of the treatment process, you may find it difficult to communicate with your loved one or visitation may even be fully restricted at the onset. Learn to accept that this is part of the process and that the rehab team is not doing this out of spite or because the counselors are hiding something. At the end of the day, you need to acknowledge that professionals know what they are doing.

  • Rehab will require your active participation and full support during the entire process.

While communication may be restricted in the early stages of rehab, you should be ready to actively participate once you are called to join meetings and therapy sessions. You just need to realize that support and participation in your loved one’s recovery journey can take on many forms such as staying still, attending treatment, or silently supporting.

  • Rehab will take care of your drug dependent loved one so you must take care of yourself.

Staying up late worrying or completely halting your life as an expression of support will not do your loved one and yourself any good. Apart from educating yourself about addiction and being available, there is nothing much you can do and you need to accept that.

  • Connecting with families who went through the same situation will help you immensely.

While your loved one is in rehab you can connect with families who successfully survived the entire ordeal. Ask the rehab facility for referrals and suggestions.

  • It is important that your family seek to heal as well.

You and the rest of your family do not need to act tough or pretend that you are not hurting yourself. Addiction affects the family as much as the drug dependent, which is why you should also give yourselves time and professional help to achieve healing.

The items above are the things that you need to be mindful of when your loved one is going through an alcoholism treatment program. It is important to note that this is your fight as well and you are as much as a part of the recovery process as your loved one, which is why you need to take an active part and go through your own process of healing as well.

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