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Family Program

When you are the loved one of an addict, it’s easy to see that addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, it affects the entire family. At Chiron Recovery, we are proud to serve the individual suffering through addiction and his or her loved ones who’ve been impacted by this disease. Our own research has helped us to understand that education and support can uplift and empower families, improving their quality of life and improving the likelihood of a successful, long-term, recovery for the person suffering from addiction.

The families of addicts face unique challenges associated with their loved one’s addiction. It can be difficult to understand addiction as the disease it is, and how it also affects not only the addict but the people closest to them. Oftentimes, family members are unaware of their own ineffective communication and enabling behaviors. Family members also have a hard time voicing their concerns for fear of confrontation. These are all concerns that will be addressed in our family program developed specifically by our team to improve the success for our patients.

We welcome all family members and loved ones to join in recovery.

Family program

The Family Program at Chiron

With careful research and consideration, our dedicated staff has developed a family program to provide your entire family with support during the time of your loved one’s rehabilitation program. We understand that families have many obligations, so we’ve developed a program that is offered on a monthly basis. We would like for families to:

  • Learn about the impact of addiction on personal and family relationships
  • Gain a better understanding of healthy ways to cope with addiction
  • Learn the essentials of the various programs that can be useful resources for them such as Families Anonymous, Al-Anon, AA, and NA

During our three-day enrichment program for families, you may be exposed to:

Support Groups

Professional support and guidance for families to interact with other families who have similar experiences. We also provide families with information on additional resources and peer support groups available to them. Support groups are an excellent way for families to see other families in action, to see how family dynamics can play a huge role in the addiction process and cycle.

Family Program

Family Education

Our family education program seeks to provide you with valuable information and resources. You’ll learn about the disease of addiction, the process of treatment, coping and stress management as well as relapse prevention tools. You’ll be able to interact with other families with role playing opportunities and group discussions. Educational seminars and lectures will also be given on various topics including the cycle of addiction.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is an essential part of our family program because the disease of addiction can do much to hurt familial relationships. Repairing that damage is our focus so that everyone can move forward in a positive way. You’ll learn more about effective communication and setting boundaries with your loved ones.

We recognize that family dynamics have come a long way over time and the definition of family has evolved. The family was once only considered parents, children, and immediate blood relatives, while today’s family may include friends and loved ones. We always respect our clients’ wishes to include any family member they give consent to, we embrace each and every participant and hope to empower and welcome all of those individuals who wish to join our family program.

Recovery is hard for those going through addiction, but it’s also hard for families. Please let us be a part of your recovery and do what we can to help you and enhance your chances of success.

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