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Family Welcome Packet

We at Chiron Recovery understand the value and importance of family participation in the rehabilitation effort. We’ve developed a welcome packet for your use and benefit containing valuable information and resources. In your welcome packet, you’ll find more information on the treatment programs we offer as well as more information on the following topics.

  • The admissions process and intake process.
  • Treatment programs available including options for dual diagnosis and mental health related issues during treatment.
  • Our sober living community amenities, requirements, and regulations.
  • A timeline of events on the procession of the different available treatment programs.
  • Existing policies, rules, and guidelines to be followed during your stay.
  • Information on the release of information, consent forms, visitation policies.
  • Chiron’s qualified and caring staff members and personnel.
  • The importance and value of family involvement in the treatment program.
  • Chiron’s family program and resources.
  • Other valuable resources, community services, and educational brochures.

The Essentials of Family Support

Your loved one has made the decision to enter into rehabilitation treatment, and we’re sure the decision wasn’t made lightly. What your loved one may not understand quite yet is that recovery is a life-long commitment. During this commitment, your loved one may need support more at times and less at times. The road to recovery is a long, tough road sometimes, that’s why family involvement is an essential foothold in any recovery. This support is so important that we have a dedicated family program to give our patients the best chance at success.

Family Welcome Packet

For a client to remain sober, they’ll need all the help they can get from friends, family, and loved ones. Choosing to live a strong, healthy life is just the beginning. Throughout your loved one’s recovery, they will use the skills they’ve learned in rehab to remain free from addiction while living soberly.

Just as we teach our clients what tools to use and what skills to develop to give them the best chance at success, we strive to teach families about the tools and resources they can use to be the best support system that their loved one needs them to be. As the loved one of an addict, you’ll need to be able to offer the love, support, and encouragement your loved one needs in times of distress.

Often, when families aren’t fully educated on the dynamics of addiction, they can unknowingly enable the addict. Family members can also react poorly to such situations that help trigger an addict during stressful situations. By learning how to de-escalate these types of situations and how to remain free of enabling behaviors, we increase the chances of long-term success.

Family Involvement in Treatment

At Chiron, we understand that some family relationships may be damaged or strained by the stressed of addiction. To participate in the family program, we need consent from the client. As long as our client consents to your involvement, we’ll provide you with every resource and tool we have available.

Family Welcome Packet

Unfortunately, if our clients do not wish to consent to family involvement, we can’t admit you to our family program. However, because we are committed to the success of all patients, we’ll do our best to provide you with other resources if you are unable to attend our family meetings. There is also the chance that during your loved one’s stay in our treatment program, they could see the value in having you attend family meetings and give their consent at a later time.

For more information about any of these topics or resources, please call us directly at (999) 999-9999.

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