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What To Expect

If you decide to enter treatment at our facility for an alcohol or drug addiction, you may be wondering what your days will be filled with, what will be expected of you, and what will we expected from us. Many people have a picture painted in their head on what living in a residential treatment facility will be like and there are some common misconceptions. So, we’re here to give you a run-down of what you can expect and what you won’t find here.

What to expect

The First Step – Detox

Whether you choose to complete detox before you come to our facility or go through medical detox with us, this is the first step prior to entering treatment. It is only after you finish detoxification and are medically stable that you will be admitted into treatment. If you choose our in-house detox program, you’ll have a short-term inpatient, medically supervised detox. Our staff will help keep you be comfortable while watching for signs of distress or danger until you have completed the process.

Our Facilities

Our treatment center is a 24-hour facility that provides community housing and patients are monitored daily. Our guests benefit from living in a supportive housing community while they participate in our treatment program. We pride ourselves on providing sleek and modern amenities in our accommodations which can be viewed under our “Tours” tab. We do our best to make you feel at home, not as if you are in an institution.



At the very core of our treatment program lies education. Education is essential to recovery because it allows you to view your addiction honestly and openly. It is here where you will learn to change your views about addiction as well as your attitude. You may learn about the processes and dynamics of addiction which will allow you to break free from the cycle and move on to recovery.

Individual & Group Counseling

During your stay, your treatment plan may involve various evidence-based therapeutic interventions including individual and group counseling. You’ll have qualified addictions specialists working with you along the way while meeting interacting with others who are going through treatment at our facility.

Through these individual and group sessions, you’ll learn the value in seeking support from your peers. You’ll learn how to live your life without returning to drugs or alcohol. By the end of treatment, we hope to instill in you an ability and awareness to recognize high-risk situations and how to avoid and work through these situations in real life.

Aftercare Planning

When you are nearing the end of your stay, you’ll work closely with those monitoring your progress to develop an appropriate aftercare plan for when you return home. An aftercare plan is put in place so that when you leave the comfort and protection of our stable environment you can go back to your life with-out fear. Your aftercare plan will be developed to suit your individual needs but could include intensive outpatient therapy, regular 12-step meetings, weekly check-ins, or whichever therapies your counselor and yourself think necessary for the highest chance of success and relapse prevention.

Family Meetings

At Chiron, we believe that including family in the education and recovery process can make a huge difference in the outcomes of recovery. Research suggests that helping family members learn the dynamics of addiction while giving them the resources to help support you in recovery can give you a stronger foundation to maintain your recovery long-term. During family meetings, your loved ones may learn how they may have been enabling you and/or reacting in a non-helpful way and how to fix those behaviors to aid in your recovery.

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