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Health Insurance Solutions

We at Chiron Recovery strive to deliver treatment through many levels from medical detox and partial hospitalization to intensive outpatient and residential treatment. Our multidisciplinary approach is influential in providing those suffering from addiction with the education they need about the effects of addiction on their mind, body, and spirit. Using an evidence-based approach, our experienced and devoted staff partner with the addict to cultivate a precise and efficient treatment plan that’s in line with the unique needs and goals of the individual.

Additionally, we know how important recovery is to our patients as well as all of those who love and care about them, that’s why we work hard to develop relationships with many major insurance companies. Fostering these relationships has allowed us to accept most major insurance carriers and managed care plans. If you have a health insurance plan or managed care plan in place, it’s likely that you may be able to get full or partial benefits for treatment at our center.

While it is true that the clear majority of our patients are able to draw coverage from their healthcare plans, some of our clients are unable to do so. Many healthcare plans cover the investment of rehabilitation 100%, while some do not. To help bridge the gap between those uninsured and those who will need to supplement their healthcare plans and demonstrate our commitment to fulfilling our mission, we make all attempts to develop a financial agreement or arrangement with you. Financial agreements and arrangements must be paid in full prior to or upon arrival, prior to admittance and treatment at our facility.

Insurance Solutions

Furthermore, our billing specialists are always available to work closely with you, your loved one or your referral source to gather all necessary insurance related documents prior to your admittance into treatment. You will be provided with a report outlining the true investment of rehabilitation and treatment. You’ll see a complete list of expenses from medical detox through therapies for your benefit and in compliance with your healthcare provider’s requirements.

If you are unsure of your medical benefits, please contact one of our billing specialists for a free insurance verification.

Public Health Insurance

Alcohol and substance abuse or addiction treatment may not be a coverable therapy for many people who are insured by public health insurance. If you need help evaluating your insurance plan to learn about benefits, first call a representative from your insurance company to have them give you details about benefits. Some plans require other treatments and programs to be exhausted before residential treatment is covered. To call a representative from your healthcare provider, please locate the number listed on the back of your insurance card.

While all plans differ and vary from one company to the next, it has been our experience that outpatient treatment and residential or inpatient treatment may fall under their own set of parameters for coverage. When you talk to a representative from your health care provider, it’s important to be as specific as possible with them about your intended treatment plan for the most accurate and reliable information.

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

If your healthcare plan is provided to you through your place of employment, it may be necessary to notify your employer of your intentions of beginning treatment. This rule varies from plan to plan so we encourage you to find whether it’s a requirement or not. Addiction treatment at a recovery center such as ours at Chiron is not always a covered treatment option with healthcare plans supplied by employers. If your addiction is severe enough, it is likely that you will have to advise your employer either way while requesting time off for treatment. Some employers will allow this time off, while some may have guidelines or requirements for such time off.

Insurance Solutions (2)

Private Health Insurance

If you have insurance benefits through a private health insurance plan, it is highly likely that drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment is included in your covered benefits along with other benefits. If you need help determining whether you have access to benefits for rehab treatment, please speak with a representative from your healthcare provider as they can further assist you.

How Can I Find Out Whether My Benefits Cover Treatment?

As we mentioned earlier, all providers and plans vary and it can be tough to discern whether you meet guidelines or restrictions for benefits to cover your treatment. The best option is to call your provider directly and speak with a specialist who can explain your benefits to you. When doing so, we advise that you have reviewed our treatment options so that you can give your provider as much information as possible about how you intend to use your benefits. If you are unable to reach your provider, many providers have helpful information online. When using your provider’s web page, you may need to log in for the most accurate information. If you haven’t already made an account with your provider’s web service, we recommend you do because it’s often a valuable resource and you can find a wealth of information.

Investing in Treatment Can be Costly but Addiction Will Cost You More

There’s no getting around it, we know that the investment into treatment can be costly but it is an investment into your future. Paying for treatment now can have a significant positive impact on your life and all those who are also affected by your addiction. The investment into treatment can also be compared to what addiction has already cost you as well as how much it will keep costing you.

Whatever your circumstances may be, our insurance and billing specialists are committed to informing you about all your available options for treatment. The Affordable Care Act states that all health insurance providers ensure coverage for necessary behavioral treatments as well as some detox treatments, this gives us confidence that we can help you find a way to get the treatment you need.

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