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Why Alcohol Recovery is Never “Over”

June 29, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Alcohol RecoveryAfter an addict goes successfully goes through an alcoholism treatment program, is it safe to say that they have recovered? There are two schools of thought, those that feel that it is okay to say that they have fully recovered and those that believe that you never truly recover.

Those who believe that alcohol recovery is never over feel that alcohol should be perceived as a subtle foe. Most people who drink often do not see themselves as addicts. Even though they have a problem with regulating their drinking and their drinking is clearly behind some of the financial woes they may be going through.  To understand why recovery is always ongoing you need to understand the nature of alcohol addiction and rehabilitation.

The Nature of Alcohol Addiction

The first time one takes alcohol, they get a sense of confidence, elation, and even euphoria. Most people believe that they can regulate their drink through sheer will power. The feeling of elation one gets may be sought after experiencing distress in ones private or social life.

People with anxiety and depression may start drinking alcohol regularly as a way of treating their mental problem. After consuming alcohol regularly for a considerable period of time, the body begins to demand more and more in order to get the same feelings of elation. It is said the body develops a tolerance for alcohol.

The addict’s life can spiral further into problems. He may experience severe financial difficulties as a result of money spent on alcohol. This, in turn, may cause a strain in his relationships with people, especially close family members. This starts another cycle as the alcoholic continues to drink more alcohol as a way of dealing with all these issues in his life.

Treatment and Recovery

The first step towards recovery is acceptance. Alcohol affects the part of the brain concerned with decision making. It makes the alcoholic unable to function effectively at work. The loss of productivity can lead to loss of wages and even loss of employment.

Acceptance: During recovery, the addict needs to admit they have a problem. They need to acknowledge the impact their addiction has had on their finances, relationships, family, and overall quality of life. Acceptance is also critical to recovery. It is important for the addict to see himself as a recovering alcoholic even after going through one of the professional alcohol rehab programs.

To say one is recovered would be to imply that alcohol can be taken without the compulsive behavior that is part of alcoholism.  It may lead to a relapse because the recovering alcoholic believes he can drink socially and regulate his drink without a problem. Denial is part of what keeps addicts in the same cycle, even though there are clear signs to show that they have a drinking problem.

Action: When an addict accepts he has a problem, the next step is to check into an alcoholism treatment program. Action is important for recovery and it should be as a result of acknowledging the full effect that addiction has had on one’s life.  

After rehabilitation, if one believes that he has recovered, he may feel that he doesn’t need to work anymore towards recovery. However, the truth is that a recovering alcoholic needs to stay away from the influences that caused his addiction. That includes friends who influenced the habit and an environment that tempts him to take a drink or two.

Aftercare: An alcoholic is said to be recovering because he also gets care after going through rehabilitation treatment. After going through the recovery process, the patient’s progress is monitored. The recovering alcoholic may be required to attend sessions at a rehab center.

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