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Is Alcohol Treatment Worth the Cost?

March 3, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Alcohol Treatment If you are reading this article, you may have come to a crossroads in your life where you are coming to terms with your addiction, which is never easy.  When you are new to the idea of recovery, your brain may still be rationalizing with the idea that you can keep using and you can handle it so the idea of going to an alcohol rehab center seems like a luxury. And you may be telling yourself, “You don’t NEED to go to rehab, just stop instead”.  It’s easy to ask if alcohol treatment is worth the cost, because many still don’t believe they have a “real” disease, like cancer.  This disease of alcohol addiction doesn’t seem as serious, that is until something serious happens. Like developing cirrhosis of the liver and being told you have a certain amount of time to live, or driving drunk and killing someone else.  Or, the hopelessness felt by many alcoholics that causes them to commit suicide.  Just like you would seek medical treatment if you had cancer, you should approach your addiction the same way.  It’s that serious.

Dispelling Myths

Yes, you’ve heard correctly, alcohol treatment centers are expensive, especially inpatient treatment.  So one of the first reactions that addicts have is to try to do it on their own.  This is a huge mistake!  Do some people get sober on their own?  Yes, but it is not the norm and is in fact, very rare.  A person may get sober temporarily, but the goal is lasting, long term sobriety and even a short 30 day stay at an inpatient facility can highly increase the chances of long term success.  If you did have cancer, you would find a way to get treatment no matter what.  Addiction kills too, but getting sober will not only keep you alive, but increase your quality of life tenfold.  

For those looking for a way out from the chains of addiction, they may not even look any further past the cost, and just assume that rehab is out of the question.  However, there are many options that may not have been considered.

First of all, there is lots of financial help out there for you.  If you have insurance, most private rehabs are covered.  You will want to shoot for an inpatient rehab to give yourself the best chance of recovery.  It gives you the opportunity to really work on yourself.  If you have insurance, this should be your first option.  Outpatient is also covered but should be considered only if your addiction is just starting or you and your doctors and loved ones have made a decision together that outpatient treatment is your best option.

If You Don’t Have Insurance

Alcohol rehab centers are businesses, but they are also filled with caring, loving people who want to see people get well. They know that without treatment, many of the people that come across their doorstep, but don’t get treatment, will die.  It’s a fact and something they see all too often.  Many places have scholarships that are provided by generous charitable donations.  Some offer payment plans and reasonable loans can be acquired to attend rehab.  I’m not in love with the idea of loans, but you will take out a school loan to better your life, so why wouldn’t you take out a load to both save and better your life at the same time?  That said, be careful of alcohol and drug addiction centers that will not work with your situation.  If a stay at their facility isn’t an option, they should help you find one that will.  

Bottom Line
If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get some help, no matter what your current financial status.  It’s just money, but there is no price on your life.  No amount of money is worth that.  

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