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Don’t Wait for Something Bad to Happen, Get Help Today at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

June 14, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

Get Help Today It is important for an addict to seek early intervention from a professional drug addiction treatment center. The long-term effects of drug addiction can be severe and can affect all aspects of your life. In the United States, it is estimated that the cost of drug abuse is $160 billion and $100 billion of that amount is the cost of unrealized productivity due to drug addiction.

Yet people struggling with an alcohol or substance abuse problem cannot simply stop. Over time drugs change the brain chemistry and the way its reward circuitry works. That is why very often addicts are preoccupied with getting the next fix, and until then nothing seems to matter.

Drug Addiction Is an Illness

Drug addiction is an illness that is not easy to treat. Like most illnesses, it needs to be treated early otherwise the long-term physical and psychological impact it may have on one’s life may be much more difficult to undo in the future.

Drug addiction affects almost all the different spheres of your life. It can cause reduced productivity in the workplace, loss of employment and the financial cost of sustaining the addiction. The longer an addict continues with the habit, the greater the negative impact it will have on his life.

You should not only get help early, it is also important to seek professional help from treatment centers for drug addiction. Professional treatment addresses all the factors that led to your addiction. Here’s what you can expect from a professional rehab program.

  • Detox: Removal of toxins from the body to prepare your body for recovery and to reduce the effects of withdrawing from the abused substance. Different detox programs may vary and sometimes staff at the rehab facility may determine that you need to stay longer under observation. Getting professional treatment can help avoid some of the negative side effects of withdrawing ‘cold turkey’.
  • Dual Diagnosis: For a long time, addicts who had a mental condition were treated for both issues separately. It was not until scientists discovered that there was a link between the two. Treating both conditions can, therefore, lead to higher rates of success.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A psychotherapy treatment whose goal is to change patterns of thinking in order to address mental health and substance abuse problems. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is quite effective in the treatment of mental disorders showing significant results in the short term.
  • Group Therapy: For some people, group therapy can be more effective in addressing their underling mental issue than one-on-one therapy. You can learn from the experiences of peers or get information on the various challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.

Family Dynamics

Your local drug addiction treatment center recognizes the role of the family in addressing issues of substance abuse and alcoholism. You and your family can get counseling which will not only help the addict overcome his addiction, but also ensure that he has a stable life after recovery. Family conflicts can cause enough mental distress to keep one hooked on the alcohol or drugs.

Risky Behavior

Drugs and alcohol tend to make people lose their inhibitions and this leads to risky behavior. Whether an addict injects drugs or not, they are still prone to HIV, Hepatitis C, and other infectious diseases. People who share needles are at an even higher risk of HIV.

Getting help from a professional rehab program will help you reduce the chances of getting these diseases. Treatment centers often screen for diseases and the patient signed up at a rehab facility can be sure that these diseases will be addressed as soon as they are detected. Going for rehab is an important step an addict should be encouraged to take for the sake of his physical, mental, and social health.

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