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Your First Steps to Becoming Sober and Alcohol-Free

May 16, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

Alcohol-FreeTaking the initial steps towards getting your life back on track is the most important decision of your life. Once you have admitted the problem and committed to a decision to stay sober, the next steps towards a life free from alcohol and drugs can be taken.

Understand that sobriety is a gradual process and cannot be done overnight. You may have decided to fight your alcohol and drug addiction, but it will not happen instantly. Learn to understand that there are a lot of difficulties you will encounter along the way and a lot of factors which could force you back to your old habits.

Commitment Plays a Huge Role Towards Sobriety

Admitting there’s a problem is not the solution, but only a part of it. Your commitment to getting your life back on the right track is what it takes to put an end to your substance dependency. As every addicted person knows, getting sober takes a lot of hard work, dedication, time and effort.

You need to commit yourself to all these changes, though hard they may seem. Look for reasons to quit using the substance and make them clear for yourself. This will ensure a better chance towards maintaining a life-long sobriety and force you to accept the changes in your life.

Being aware of the consequences and costs of your addiction will help you outweigh where you should stand and help you make positive changes. Committing to a drug addiction treatment program may be hard, but is a way to have a more satisfying and rewarding life.

Determine Your Short-term and Long-term Goals

It is not just important to learn how to quit using. More important than that, you have to determine your life goals to make your recovery less stressful and more meaningful. Learning to create specific and measurable goals will help you achieve a life free from the grasp of drugs.

Create goals that enforce your sobriety. Short-term goals such as attending your aftercare programs and meetings per week will ensure that you get the support you need while in the midst of recovery. Remaining abstinent and praising yourself for achieving those goals will help sustain your momentum and motivation.

Short-term goals such as maintaining a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, doing daily exercises, or spending more time with your family is a healthy yet attainable goal you can add to your bucket list.

Long-term goals such as being drug and alcohol-free for a year and creating a healthy reward for yourself is also a good way to keep yourself motivated. Finding a stable work and reintegrating yourself into society within a set of time is also a long-term goal that can sustain your sobriety.

Create a Network of Support

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol may not have been your choice, but as someone who wants to make their lives better, you need to understand that having the support is a good way to sustain your recovery.

A strong network of friends and family will allow you to dissipate the constant stream of temptations you may encounter. Being able to talk to a friend or loved one who supports you through your recovery will ensure you have encouragement and support along the way.  
You have to remember that your drug addiction treatment will be more effective if you have a strong commitment, a clear picture of where you want to be, and a network of friends and family who will guide all the way.

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