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How Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Work

January 3, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Addiction, in general, is a complex disease of the body and brain involving the compulsive use of one or more substances even if the same is causing overwhelming negative effects in various aspects of the life of the person. Since addiction is a disease it is only natural that people who are highly dependent on drugs or alcohol seek treatment in drug and alcohol treatment centers.

How can they stop their addiction if they don’t seek professional help? The same way those patients with physical illnesses do not get healed unless they undergo treatment, drug addicts also need to go through drug and alcohol treatment programs to become highly functioning members of society once again.

Studies on the Impact of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

Countless research has already been carried out to determine if treatment programs provided by drug and alcohol rehab centers make a difference. Almost all of the results of these studies concluded that drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs help patients to significantly reduce their drug and alcohol use, if not totally eliminate them.

Other results also revealed that helping substance abusers to seek help in drug and alcohol treatment centers considerably reduces their criminal activity while at the same time improving their social, occupational, and psychological functioning.

It is important to note that in a large study comparing the effectiveness of the various treatment methods, the researchers found that ultimately, it is not the method of treatment that matters most, but the person’s decision to actually go and seek treatment.

How Does It Work?

While rehab centers intend to assist their patients in stopping their drug and alcohol use, this is not the sole objective. At the end of the day, the goal of treatment is to restore the patients’ proper functioning in all the facets of their lives – personal, work, home, and community.

A drug and alcohol treatment program works in a number of ways:

Treatment helps a patient battle the negative effects of addiction on his or her brain and behavior.

Addiction is a chronic disease that needs to be addressed immediately. Whether one is aware of it or not, drug or alcohol dependence actually disrupts the normal functioning of the brain and body. This is the reason why drug addicts or alcoholics should go through a treatment program because if addiction is left untreated it can result to a disabling or even life-threatening condition.

Treatment helps patients to regain control over their lives.

Substance abusers are no longer in control of their lives. This is most evident on how they are managing their relationships, careers, and even physical health, among others. If their self-control is already lacking, how can they manage to stop substance abuse on their own? Going through the treatment process with trained and skilled professionals is the only way they can regain control.

Treatment enables addicts to re-enter society.

Without a doubt, addiction significantly changes the behavior of the addict for the worst. This change of behavior can result in issues and problems in the person’s personal, occupational, and social life. During treatment, all these problems are brought to light and addressed one by one. Moreover, the patient learns coping and essential life skills to prepare them for future challenges and guide them as well when they re-join society after rehab.

Given all the aforementioned information, the value of getting drug and alcohol treatment is a given. Ultimately, any addict or loved ones of a substance abuser should realize and acknowledge that self-help can never lead to full recovery. Since addiction is an illness then it is but natural that the patient seeks professional help in reputable drug and alcohol rehab centers.

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