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Treatment Center’s Locations

Chiron Recovery is all about helping clients be better versions of themselves. Thus, we make use of a wide range of evidence-based approaches and resources, which are all client-focused. We have our own research team to ensure that we select the best and most efficient treatment methods available. Aside from this essential aspect, we also consider how important a conducive environment is to your recovery progress and success. Located within the gorgeous city of Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, you and your loved ones can enjoy the serenity and privacy of our state-of-the-art rehab facilities specifically designed to be as peaceful, comfortable and homey as possible.

Why Environment Matters to Recovery

The right treatment plan will work infinitely better, more quickly and more efficiently when conducted in a conducive environment. Even if a great individualized plan is followed, it will not be as effective if the client is not open and receptive to it simply because of feeling too uncomfortable or too confined in his recovery space. Rehab does not have to be prison-like and stiff. While there are, of course, certain house rules and schedules to be followed for the health, safety, and security of all clients, it should be as client-friendly and unimposing as possible.

Chiron Recovery guarantees that your stay at our serene facilities will not only be safe and comfortable; it will be fun and far from being bleak. The city of Palm Beach Gardens has various local recreational parks, water parks, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, and spas – all conveniently accessible to clients and which work wonderfully in killing the monotony of day-to-day treatment.

We believe that the more comfortable and less confined a client feels, the more motivated and receptive he becomes to treatment. Privacy is another huge factor in the willingness to enter rehab. We assure that our residential facilities are far from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors since the city of Pl Beach Gardens consists mainly of gated communities.

Valuable Resources Offered at Our Conducive Facilities

Chiron’s conveniently located residential facilities are tailored to complement the following holistic resources.

  • Individual Therapy. These one-one-sessions with our specialists give you the chance to open and confide to someone the very personal things you may not feel ready to disclose during group therapy.  Aside from providing you a safe verbal outlet, our specialists can get to know you better and monitor your recovery status and progress.  Not only that, instead of letting you become dependent on our therapists for solutions, we prefer to empower you to tackle problems on your own, with our specialists serving only as initial guides.  We believe that you can help yourself more than anyone else.  All we can do is try to help unleash the inner strength and power within you, but ultimately you and you alone hold the key to your success.
  • Group Therapy. Belonging to a group of other people who share the same goal of defeating addiction can motivate, encourage, and inspire you to move forward and keep on moving forward until you reach your goal of sobriety.  Despite all the difficulties and obstacles that may block your path, your group serves as a solid support system from which you can take strength and determination from.
  • Family Therapy. We appreciate the value of family in the recovery process.  You may fall multiple times along the way perhaps even long after you get out of rehab.  Relapsing is, after all, an inevitable part of the journey to success and sobriety.  Every single time you do relapse into your drug or alcohol habit, it will be your family who will tirelessly help get your life back on track.  Understanding the essential role, they have on your recovery, we have included them in our treatment strategy.  We will educate and orient them about your specific condition and teach them how to better relate to and take care of you.  Since they will be your caregivers when you go home after treatment, we make it a point to train them about what to do and what to avoid to prevent triggers for relapse, as well as how to handle the situation if and when you do relapse.  Your family is probably the most consistent support system you can ever get.
  • Massage Therapy. During detox, we want to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible.  Through our relaxing massage therapy, our specialists can somehow ease tough symptoms of withdrawal such as muscle pains and agitation.  The more relaxed you are, the less agitated you feel and the more clearly you think.
  • Yoga Therapy. This ancient yet timeless method can effectively alleviate physical, mental and emotional stress.  By practicing Yoga on a regular basis, our clients can sleep, rest and think better.  Thus, they become more receptive to further treatment.  Beyond the physical and psychological levels, Yoga can also elevate you to a spiritual platform that can enable you to transcend all the stress, misery, and suffering in life.
  • Art Therapy. We incorporate this form of therapy in our treatment resources because art is truly a safe outlet for otherwise bottled up emotions.  Addiction is virtually a stigmatized issue that makes clients feel isolated.  Self-expression through art can hopefully relieve them of their burdens.
  • Music Therapy. Music is another great way of expressing oneself safely.  It can help free up emotional backlogs as well as eradicate the monotonous feel of daily treatment routines.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We can help rewire your thought and behavioral patterns through this evidence-based approach.

Recovery is made safer, more effective, and dramatically more comfortable through these holistic resources that you will receive in the soothing atmosphere of our Palm Beach Gardens facilities located at:

2700 PGA Boulevard #203
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

If you or a loved one has mustered up the courage to wage war against drugs and alcohol, simply give us a call at 888.634.0078 and we will support you all the way. Our pre-intake coordinators will patiently answer your questions and clear your doubts about entering rehab. You will then be thoroughly assessed and evaluated by our specialists before receiving individualized treatment and care.

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