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Is Marijuana Really Harmless?

April 24, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Marijuana Really HarmlessWhile once entirely viewed as a dangerous drug, marijuana has come to the forefront of our society as far as recreational substances go. At one point, you might have been committed to a drug treatment program according to the propaganda of early films like Reefer Madness would have you believe. However, marijuana is legal now in many states across the country and you can walk into a number of pot shops to buy some marijuana like you would into a fast food joint to buy a burger. It has become incredibly commonplace, first starting with medical marijuana laws, and now, laws allowing it to be smoked for recreational purposes also.

One thing going in weed’s favor is its danger level. It is fairly well documented that it is probably the least dangerous recreational drug. It is certainly safer than its 2 top competitors, alcohol and tobacco, each of which can cause a number of diseases and health issues. There is also no doubt that it is also a safer option than heroin, cocaine, speed and pills. A person doesn’t overdose on weed. So, if you are going to pick any drug to use, you might as well pick pot based on its safety level. Alcohol and tobacco are legal, so why not marijuana? It makes a lot of sense and its legalization is long overdue.

So what are the dangers of marijuana? Are there any?

While you are not going to die from smoking marijuana, let’s not pretend that it is completely harmless. The drug can still hurt some people, especially younger adults and teens. First, the idea that marijuana is not habit forming is ridiculous. You won’t get physically addicted to weed like you might if you abused alcohol, speed or heroin. That doesn’t mean though that it is not mentally addictive. At least one in eleven young adults will become addicted to marijuana. With widespread legalization, that number is sure to rise. A recent national survey shows that the use of cigarettes and alcohol is down among teens, but marijuana use is up in kids twelve and up.

Of those that support marijuana, there is a prevalent, laissez-faire mentality about weed. People just don’t think marijuana is harmful in any way. We might have all heard someone say something like, “If I smoke weed, what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll eat too many Doritos?” and then proceed to laugh about it. There is, of course, a little truth to this. You won’t get physically addicted, but frequent use can get in the way of life, and getting things in your life accomplished. Believe it or not, a lot of people enter treatment programs for marijuana, and just like any other substance, it can be habit forming and wreak havoc on your life.

Frequent use of marijuana seems to be blown off also as no big deal. If you drink twice a week to excess, that would be considered too much. But, smoke weed once or twice a day on a daily basis and it’s still no big deal because it is “harmless”.

It’s important to be aware of why you desired an altered state so much in the first place. There is no reason for someone to be high all the time. If you smoke once in awhile, that’s one thing, but daily use can really cause problems in your day to day life. If you have ever been to a drug treatment program before then you know that you need to be able to be happy on your own without any mind altering substance. If you find that you need to constantly be high or to keep using marijuana frequently, then there is probably a greater issue at hand you need to address.

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