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Meth and Promiscuity

May 3, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

Meth and PromiscuityMethamphetamine is a very, very powerful stimulant. It is one of the most common abused drugs worldwide. It directly affects the center of the brain, where dopamine is released. Dopamine is the chemical in your brain that gets you high and is the main reward mechanism you have. Dopamine is also what helps create sexual arousal, so when you do meth, you get double duty.  You get high and also have a heightened sexuality at the same time. It is a powerful combination.

So powerful in fact, that an anonymous person, “Betty”, describes the sexual feelings meth give you like this. “Consider eating a candy bar to be one hundred percent on the pleasure scale. An orgasm might be 200 percent, cocaine, maybe 225 percent. Meth is one thousand percent pleasure.” Meth is equally powerful in both men and women. On meth, men have an “uncontrollable sexual desire”, she says.

That wanton desire, compounded with a massive boost of stamina and adrenaline makes for questionable judgement. When the opportunity to have sex arises, it is not really a matter of “should I do it?”, and more like, “Let’s go.” You will do anything to satiate the desire for sex.

Drug addiction treatment centers report that not only do meth users have more sexual partners, but they take more risks, like having unprotected sex, and will have sex to get money or more meth. This means more sexually transmitted diseases also. But, it’s not just regular sex. It is hard for both men and women to ejaculate on meth, so often the sex lasts for hours and is of an aggressive nature. This can cause cuts and raw, open flesh or sores that increase your risk of getting other kinds of viruses, such as hepatitis and AIDS.

The sex on meth can be even more addictive that the meth itself, at least in the beginning. Treatment centers for drug addiction report that after the initial excitement wears off, it gets harder and harder to keep an erection. Since the desire is so powerful, many men will take Viagra in combination with the meth in an attempt to keep an erection. This is an incredibly toxic combination, as are many drugs when used together. Both drugs will raise your blood pressure and frequently lead to heart attack or stroke.

If you are lonely, sex on meth is only a very quick, temporary fix. A drug addiction treatment center can help you to regain yourself self and your connection to other people and the outside world. Once sober, a person can focus on connecting with others on a real, emotional and loving level instead of the unrealistic level meth presents. Learning to love without drugs can be just as pleasurable as being on meth, except, you are actually caring for someone else.

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