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Addiction Treatment

Chiron Recovery offers a number of treatment programs to clients seeking alcohol and substance abuse recovery options.

Full Continuum of Care

There different programs offered at Chiron Recovery as part of the overall alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation. There are, however, several steps that are part of every program. We offer the full continuum of care to ensure that the addict will successfully recover from alcohol and substance abuse. These steps include medical detox, inpatient and outpatient care, and aftercare programs.


Alcohol Addiction

Chiron Recovery also has a rehabilitation program for people struggling with alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction is a mental illness than can be cured through the application of scientific approaches towards alcoholism. We have counseling, inpatient and outpatient care, medical detox and aftercare as part of the alcohol addiction rehabilitation program.

Inpatient Treatment Program

We have an inpatient treatment program at our facility in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The patient is monitored round the clock in order to ensure that any issues that may arise are addressed on time. An inpatient program is ideal when there is a need to stop the addict from accessing drugs and alcohol which may be easily available at home.

Relapse Prevention

Even after the rehabilitation program has been completed, the addict may still be prone to a relapse. A relapse is sometimes mistakenly taken to mean that the addict has failed in their quest to get treatment. However, relapses can be prevented or treated when they occur. Substance abuse is an illness that can be treated but not cured. A relapse prevention program equips the recovering addicts with tools and support necessary for them to stay on track as they continue their journey towards recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis treatment is part of our rehabilitation program at Chiron Recovery. If rehabilitation is to be successful this part of the program should not be ignored. Addiction is often triggered by an underlying mental illness. Alcohol and substance abuse can also aggravate the underlying mental condition. It is, therefore, necessary to establish if there is an underlying mental condition and treat it alongside addiction.

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Multidisciplinary treatment

Multidisciplinary treatment is an approach that can be beneficial in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Clients have different needs and different approaches may prove to be effective during recovery. Our rehabilitation program includes evidence-based strategies such as dual diagnosis and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), amongst others. We also have holistic programs such as art therapy, music therapy, etc.

Rehabilitation Programs

Multidisciplinary treatment is an approach that can be beneficial in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Clients have different needs and different approaches may prove to be effective during recovery. Our rehabilitation program includes evidence-based strategies such as dual diagnosis and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), amongst others. We also have holistic programs such as art therapy, music therapy, etc.

Medical Detox

Medical detoxification is an important part of the rehabilitation process. The prolonged use of drugs causes significant chemical changes in the brain. These changes facilitate addiction and are the cause of withdrawal symptoms which makes it difficult to quit the habit without professional help. We have a staff consisting of highly qualified medical professionals who will help you with medical detoxification. The medical detox program is carried out in our facility and is formulated by our qualified staff.

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Family Program

The family dynamic plays a role in drug addiction. The family plays a role in a number of different ways. Addiction can be facilitated when members of the family provide easy access to drugs and alcohol. The conflict within the family unit can encourage the addict to feel the need to seek the comfort of alcohol or drugs. Studies have shown that family involvement can be beneficial to a recovering addict undergoing the drug rehabilitation program.

Executive Women’s Program

There are certain factors that lead to addiction. These can be biological, social or psychological factors. Studies indicate that addiction may be triggered and enabled by different factors affecting either gender. At Chiron Recovery, we have an Executive Women Program that addresses the challenges that female addicts face. We evaluate the underlying mental conditions as well as provide other programs such as medical detox to help the addict to effectively overcome their substance abuse problem.

Outpatient Program

Chiron Recovery has outpatient programs for those who need substance recovery treatment but cannot take the inpatient program due to responsibilities at work and at home. It is ideal for busy professionals, executives, and students who have to continue going to school.

Resources For Treatment Programs

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program offers a more specialized form of treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. It offers more than what you’ll find in a regular outpatient program. The program is intended for those who are in the earlier stages of substance abuse. At Chiron, we offer the full continuum of care from medical detox, counseling, group therapy, and the aftercare programs.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program at Chiron, allows patients of the facility to return home. They still get the full spectrum of care. They attend individual and group counseling session. They also get medication that they take home with them.

Aftercare Programs

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a mental illness that does not have a cure – but it can be managed. Successful treatment of addiction can enable the addict to remain sober when they get back to their day-to-day lives once the rehabilitation program is completed. However, an aftercare program is necessary for ensuring that the recovering addict remains on track even after their rehabilitation process is complete. Healing from the psychological and physiological damage that resulted from substance abuse takes time. We have qualified members of staff that will continue to monitor the recovering addict for any issues that may arise.

Aftercare Programs

Holistic Therapy

Individual/Group Therapy

We have individual and group therapy sessions. Clients who are seeking rehabilitation treatment will need to go through various sessions, both individual and group sessions. Sessions are carried out by different professionals. Each session addresses different aspects of addiction and may apply different approaches.

Family Therapy

We have family therapy sessions for addicts and their families. The addicts and their families are educated about the disease of addiction. They get to learn factors within the environment of the addict that may be facilitating addiction. Family members also learn how some of their actions and behavior may be enabling alcohol and substance abuse at home.

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Sessions need to be carried out by qualified professionals if they are to be effective. We have therapists who have qualifications based on the requirements of the Florida Certification Board.

Therapy Model

Treatment therapies need to be based on scientific models that have been proven to be effective by scientific research. We apply the latest methodologies in our therapy sessions. We are committed to a compassionate and non-judgmental approach towards alcohol and substance abuse. Our programs are tailored to fit the needs of our client.

Personal Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and wellness are part of our program that can help addicts in a number of different ways. It can help addicts cope with the symptoms of withdrawal. When doing vigorous exercise, the endorphins are released and the patient gets an athlete’s high. Exercise is also very beneficial in dealing with underlying mental conditions such as anxiety and depression. Qualified professionals conduct our wellness and fitness therapy sessions.

Resources For Treatment Programs

Music Therapy

Chiron also has music therapy sessions as part of the rehabilitation program. Music therapy can be beneficial to people of all ages. At Chiron, special music sessions are conducted by qualified teachers. During the session, the participants may improvise, write and perform songs. Some of the benefits of music therapy include relaxation, learning coping skills, develop meaningful relationships with other participants and improve self-esteem.

Yoga Therapy

You can also take part in Yoga therapy sessions at Chiron Recovery. Yoga aims to achieve a balance between mind, body, and spirit. Yoga helps to calm the mind and develop mind power through concentration which can be useful for people struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse.

Art Therapy

Art therapy can also benefit people recovering from alcoholism and substance abuse. Though it may seem unconventional, it is useful to people who may want to channel their creativity to create a piece of art. Our sessions deal with different types of art, from jewelry making, painting, and even pottery.

Music Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that was developed in the 80s. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is useful in the treatment of addictions and mental illness. It helps to uncover mental patterns that lead to different kinds of destructive behavior. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was initially meant for patients with the bipolar syndrome. However, it was found to be effective in treating different kinds of extreme behaviors such as suicide. This form of therapy can help addicts with a debilitating mental condition as they get treatment at Chiron Recovery.

Insurance and Financial Options

Chiron is a private pay residential rehabilitation center. We understand that treatment can be a serious investment for many seeking treatment. We have admission professionals who can help you find the most suitable financial assistance for your needs. You can get more details on our financial options page or contact us to get in touch with one of our admission professionals.

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