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About Alcohol

Alcohol is a drug that has been classified as a depressant. It slows down the vital functions of the body and can cause symptoms such as slurred speech and unsteady movements. It also impairs a person’s ability to move quickly or make decisions. A person’s judgment and ability to think might also be affected by the consumption of alcohol. The alcohol used in beverages is called ethyl alcohol and it is obtained from the fermentation or distillation of grains and fruits.

Alcoholic drinks can have between 2% and 50% of alcohol, and there are a few with even more. Although drinking is a rite of passage in our culture and can help a lot of people ‘loosen up’ during a party, helping them enjoy themselves, it can also get out of control more easily than most people imagine. Alcohol, when consumed in a responsible manner, can be enjoyed while paired alongside meals and it can also help people feel more relaxed and to enjoy certain situations.

How Alcohol Affects You

When a person drinks alcohol, this substance is absorbed into the bloodstream. It travels to the brain and this is where it causes the commonly known effects. The liver also has a big part to play when someone drinks alcohol because it is responsible for metabolizing it and converting it into a substance that is no longer toxic. The liver, like any other organ, has limitations, so it can only process a certain amount of alcohol at a time, leaving the body to absorb and feel the effects of however much is put on hold.

About Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol is damaging to both young people and adults, it can have stronger effects on young people because they are still going through a development process and irresponsible consumption of this drug can lead to the slow down or even full stop of certain development processes. Besides, if a person starts drinking at a young age, the chances that they will develop a tolerance to alcohol that will lead to more drinking are much higher.

Getting Out Of Control

Although it might be considered as part of a fun activity, there are a lot of situations when drinking gets out of control. People of all ages start drinking in excess in order to get away from their reality. They might drink large amounts of alcohol in one sitting in order to forget problems they have at home or at work. Once a person starts falling into this kind of behavior, finding it is a ‘solution’ to their problems; it is very likely that they will go back over and over to get that numbness they want. Once a person has become addicted to the substance, at the point where their body requires them to consume it, and they feel physical symptoms of withdrawal when they can’t have it, they can be considered alcoholics.

The Truth About Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a person’s dependence on alcohol and it consists of four main symptoms. There is a strong need to drink, there is an inability for a person to control how much they drink, a person has developed a high tolerance for alcohol, causing them to drink larger and larger amounts each time and there is a physical dependence for the drink. Alcoholism can have terrible consequences. Some of the most known ones are traffic deaths related to drunk drivers who carelessly cause terrible accidents; there is often a lot of distress put into families and relationships. Alcoholism often isolates people. Alcoholics usually feel like no one can understand them, and they often cannot understand how deep into their addiction they are or how they hurt other people with it.

Alcoholism, being a long-term addiction, can have devastating effects on the addict as well. It can lead to liver damage, ulcers, gastritis and malnutrition, high blood pressure, injuries (whether intentional or unintentional) and even alcohol poisoning or overdoses. People who are addicted to alcohol probably won’t be able to see this which is why it will be extremely important for them to get the aid they need to get out of that hole and start working towards recovering their lives.

Victims of alcohol can be as young as unborn babies. When pregnant women ingest alcohol, it will go straight into their bloodstream, which will in time affect the fetus. These children can be born with deficiencies, brain damage, and other abnormalities.

Getting the Help You Need

Alcohol is a silent drug. It isn’t seen as a ‘bad’ drug; at least not in the way some drugs like cocaine are seen. This is why it can get out of control so easily. And this is why it is so important for people to measure themselves when consuming alcohol. Still, if a loved one is showing symptoms of addiction to alcohol, it is time to step in and figure out a way to help them out.

Getting the Help You Need

Most times it isn’t as simple as providing your love and support and it is always a good idea to get a professional involved in the care and recovery of your loved one. Chiron Recovery is a center where alcoholics can get all the attention and care they need to get back on their feet. This addiction treatment center is specialized in alcohol addiction is located in Palm Beach Gardens in Florida and includes services such as interventions, programs for general treatment and personalized programs for rehabilitation and specialized care after a person has been released from the program. They have their own research department that helps them stay ahead of the game, always working with evidence-based practices.

They have an all-inclusive option that is unique to this place. They work with a dual-diagnosis program, where the deep roots of the problem are looked into so that they can help the person work through their problems in order to help them avoid falling into the addiction again. Their facilities offer both residential and outpatient treatments.

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