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Continuing Care Service

When a person has struggled with an addiction, people usually think that the recovery process only consists of getting that person off the drug or alcohol and helping them get back on track, but the truth is that an addiction has a much deeper impact than most people realize.

When people give in to an addiction, they are losing control over themselves many times. People struggling with an addiction rarely admit it. It becomes difficult to keep seeing the true world around them. The approach their friends, family members, or partners might have while trying to get them to see that they have a problem can push them deeper into themselves, isolating them from the world they once felt safe in. And when an addict reaches this point, chances are that their relationships have been badly damaged. This will have a big impact further on, because even after they go through a detox and recovery process, they will need a lot of support to remain clean and on the right path.

Continuing Care Service

Setting a Strong Foundation

The beginning of every addiction recovery program is accepting you have a problem. A loved one might not be listening to what you say because they are in denial. Even if they know they have a problem deep down, they won’t likely accept it in front of family or friends because they will feel ashamed to do so and will probably be scared of what your reaction might be. This is why it is a very good idea to involve a professional who can explain what is going on from an outsider’s perspective. A professional will also be able to talk to the person struggling with the addiction to help them understand the process they will have to go through in order to overcome the addiction. The mental support that a professional can provide can be the determining factor in helping an addict make the decision to go through the recovery process once and for all.

The recovery process itself will become the foundation for the rest of the addict’s life so it is extremely important to set a strong foundation that will help them get past the roughest of times when they will feel like they must give in to the alcohol or drug abuse they were used to. The recovery process, including the detox and psychological therapy they will receive personally and in group sessions, will mean the whole difference, which is why you want to make sure your loved one receives this care in a professional center with enough experience to handle any cases. Chiron Recovery is a rehab center located in Florida that offers precisely this type of strong foundation.

The Results of Recovery

Once those foundations have been settled, and the person has recovered from the addiction, the first phase of the recovery process has been completed. They will be detoxed, their body won’t need drugs to function and they will have overcome the withdrawal symptoms that come up at first. They will have also dug in deep to find the real roots of the problem that led the person to drink or consume drugs in the first place and will have worked through those problems during therapy sessions with a professional who would have guided them back towards a healthy lifestyle and mental processes.

Once this has been achieved, it is extremely important to keep in mind that the recovery process is only part of the path the addict needed to walk. And now they will have to stay strong to maintain a healthy life, away from the alcohol or drugs.


Some of the most important services a recovery center can offer are aftercare or continuing care services. Once a patient has been released from the program, recovered from the addiction, they should have access to a web of support that can help them get through the rough times that are still ahead. It is one thing to be clean from the drug, but it is another thing to have to go back to the life that has already been damaged by the addiction and try to rebuild it. Relationships have been damaged, a job might be lost, people might have been pushed away and they might find themselves in severe problems, like a financial situation or the fact that they feel alone. All of these things pose a risk for the person, making them want to go back to drinking or doing drugs so that they can forget about the pain and damage they have caused.

continuing care

This is why it is extremely important to provide continuing care in order to make sure that person has the support they need to start building their life back up once more. The aftercare programs at Chiron understand this need and provide this service as an ongoing process that can help people stay away from drugs.

The connection that a program like this offers will also provide these people with the opportunity to interact on a constant basis with other people who are struggling with similar situations and it can help create strong bonds where people support and encourage each other to stay away from the substance that led them into trouble in the first place.

If a person has the right attitude, even though it will be a hard process, they will be able to fully recover and grow strong enough to never fall into the temptation of drinking or doing drugs again, and the best way to achieve this is through continuing care programs. At Chiron, you will find that they are fully prepared to stay with you throughout the whole process, however long it takes. Check out their webpage to read more about the programs they offer and how they can benefit you or a loved one struggling with an addiction.

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