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Multiple Relapser Program

Recovery is a continuous process; it’s well known that relapses can and will happen. It’s important to remember that a relapse is not the same thing as a failure. Imagine the addiction recovery process is a marathon. If the runner stumbles a bit, he does not have to give up the race. He just needs to get his footing back and keep on the right path.

Chiron Recoverys knows this, and as such, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping people who have stumbled – even those who have stumbled many times – with our Multiple Relapser Program.

Multiple Relapser Program

Don’t Give Up

The recidivism rate, or rate that recovering addicts begin using drugs or alcohol again, is very high. For some drugs, such as alcohol and prescription painkillers, which are readily available, it is over 50 percent. Many times, the recovering addict might be tempted by familiar triggers like visiting with their old drinking buddies or sustaining an injury that requires medication for pain. Sometimes it’s just boredom.

No matter the trigger for the relapse, the essential thing is that the relapse reaches out and gets help. After all, he or she was able to gather determination and call out at least once before. Addiction is tough; you are tougher. The biggest risk factor for continued sobriety is not acting quickly enough, allowing the drug of choice to re-establish control on the mind.

We Can Help

Chiron recognizes the courage of those who seek out addiction treatment programs, especially those who need more than one stay in rehab to really make it stick. That’s why we offer the Multiple Relapser Program, specifically designed for people who have successfully completed rehab one or more times in the past, but just can’t seem to make it last. Our licensed and experienced staff is well versed in addiction treatment services of all kinds and we are never judgmental. We know that addiction is hard to beat and we recognize it’s not a moral flaw to have a relapse.

Our program aims specifically at avoidance techniques and lifestyle management for sober living and independent living after treatment, inpatient or outpatient. After you complete detox, we’ll focus your treatment plan of examining any possible underlying issues such as depression or anxiety which may be forcing you back to the bottle or the pills. And we’ll provide you training on how to cope with stressors and triggers from life – work, relationships and so on – in a healthy and sober way.

Don’t Wait

After a relapse, many recovering addicts feel hopeless and cynical, like nothing matters because they can’t beat the addiction. Sometimes this results in prolonged substance abuse after the relapse, which can undo a lot of the progress made during treatment and recovery. It’s important for the addict, and more importantly his or her family and friends, to make the courageous decision to nip this in the bud.

So if you’ve started using again, or you’ve noticed that your family or friend has fallen off the wagon, don’t delay. It would be a shame to waste the progress already made. Chiron’s professional staff are waiting to take your call, and waiting to design a multiple relapse program tailored specifically to your needs.

Remember, it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. And with the compassion and talent behind all our programs, the Chiron Multiple Relapser program especially, you can recover from that stumble and reach the finish line.

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