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Benzo Addiction Treatment

Benzo is a shortened name for the drug class of benzodiazepines. In case you have never heard of benzodiazepine, it is a large classification of drugs that are prescribed for people who are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and insomnia. They are considered anti-anxiety drugs and can become addictive after extended use. Pharmacists and doctors are clear that benzo should not be prescribed over a long period, but people become addicted after misusing and abusing the drug over a lengthy amount of time. This usage may persist over that amount of time because addicts are suffering from other physical or mental disorders.

Common Benzos

In low doses, benzos are simply a mild sedative. They are a medication used to help a person relax or fall asleep. When the dosage is increased, benzos are able to ward off anxiety or help to keep patients calm when they are entering into a highly anxious state. At the highest recommended dose, benzos become hypnotics. The people who usually become addicted to these drugs will have developed a certain level of tolerance and will have to continue to seek out and receive higher doses until it becomes a problem. Some of the most common benzos are:

  • ProSom
  • Ativan
  • Halcion
  • Xanax
  • Valium

Know the Signs of Benzo Abuse and Addiction

A person who is abusing benzos is likely to experience a lack of coordination, confusion, severe drowsiness, poor balance, fainting, light-headedness, and muscle weakness. In addition, when mixed with other drugs, especially alcohol, overdose is a big risk. Alcohol increases the depression of the central nervous symptom that can cause a suppression of the respiratory system and ultimately cause death.

Benzo Treatment

Since benzos are like tranquilizers, an addict may seem sedated and oddly detached from what is going on around them and lose sight of what once was important to them. If you or someone you know is using benzos and has lost interest in life, withdrawn from family and friend, or seems detached from the world, they may be suffering from benzo addiction and it is time to ask some questions.

Benzo Addiction and Other Health Disorders

Benzo addiction is typically associated with people who are already suffering from certain disorders such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and sleep disorders. Many times the people diagnosed with these conditions will find the benzos effective in helping their problem, especially in the beginning. But as stated earlier, once tolerance beings to set in users will look to increase their doses to achieve the same effects from when the usage began. The increase in dosage over time can eventually lead to dependency, and addiction as the user continues to seek higher doses to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment for Benzo Addiction Includes More Than Detox

When a person seeks treatment for benzo addiction, the treatment facility may start off with a slower detoxification process than with opiates. This is done because people who are suffering from this specific type of addiction are simultaneously suffering from another a previous diagnosis. Because of this benzo addiction and recovery from the addiction can be a little more difficult. Many time people who are suffering from benzo addiction have to go into a dual diagnosis program.

In a dual diagnosis treatment program addicts are not only treated for drug addiction, they are also treated for the mental or physical disorder they may be suffering from. To follow up your treatment of benzo addiction, it is also recommended that recovering addicts pursue a multitude of therapy such as behavioral, psychological, and group to help sustain sobriety and prevent a possible relapse.

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