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Oxycontin Withdrawal Treatment

OxyContin is a part of the opiate family and is a prescribed medication that has extremely addictive properties. It is important to know that even with taking the medication as prescribed in regular doses it can still become habit forming. Any misuse or abuse of this type of pain medication can cause not only addiction, but it can lead to overdosing and even death. Doctors recommend that if you have ever had a drug addiction or a past of drug abuse, you should never take OxyContin or any of the prescription medications that have Oxycodone in them as this could lead a person back into addiction.

OxyContin Treatment

4 Short-Term Effects of OxyContin

  • Alleviates Pain – This is the primary reason someone receives OxyContin or would ever be prescribed such a strong drug.
  • Drowsiness – OxyContin can already cause a relaxing affect, but when a person is abusing the drug they are often quite drowsy and may doze off intermittently in the middle of a conversation or while in the middle of doing something like cooking or working.
  • Slow or Delayed Reactions – This becomes dangerous and deadly when OxyContin addicts attempt to operate heavy machinery like cars, and moving vehicles, or operate appliances that can burn like an oven or stove.
  • Constipation – Constipation is a common symptom of opiate use. So much so, that the pharmaceutical industry has created other drugs to help with this specific problem.

4 Long-Term Effects of OxyContin

  • Stomach Issues – Long-term OxyContin usage can result in persistent vomiting and severe constipation that is caused by issues in the gastrointestinal tract. This damage could be permanent and irreversible if problems persist.
  • Respiratory Problems – After long-term use of OxyContin, your respiratory system becomes at risk due to the slowing down of the heart and the lungs. The down modification of the heart and lungs can be dangerously slowed down to the point of a limited amount of oxygen being delivered to the lungs and other vital organs like the brain.
  • Internal Blockage – When OxyContin is used intravenously the risk of severe cardiac and respiratory problems increases drastically. Contaminates can travel throughout the body through the blood stream which can cause internal infections, blockage, and widespread inflammation.
  • Damaged Motor Skills – In the short-term usage of OxyContin movement and motor skills can be affected. When used for an extended period of time, because of the damage that takes place in the brain, some motor skills may never return to a pre-usage state.

The Benefits of OxyContin Treatment

Inpatient treatment is highly recommended if you or a loved one is suffering from OxyContin addiction. There are outpatient treatment programs available, but the chance of relapse is much greater with inpatient programs. Here are some benefits of being a part of an inpatient treatment program when beginning your road to recovery.

  • Medically Monitored Detox – Detoxing may be one of the hardest parts of recovery. It is safer for the users if they have medical supervision while they are going through this part of the process.
  • Medicinal Therapy – The doctors at the inpatient treatment centers usually have medications to that help with the withdrawal symptoms, the cravings, and other medical issues you may be suffering from.
  • Around the Clock Support – Going through the recovery process is difficult, but it helps to have counselors, doctors, and support 24/7. This level of support can make a difference in someone having a successful recovery or relapsing.
  • Required Stay Time – The time someone needs to be in treatment varies from person to person. When you go to inpatient treatment you commit to being there a certain amount of time to get help where with outpatient treatment it takes more of a commitment than an addict might be able to give due to the illness.

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