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Rehabilitation Treatment Center

Chiron Recovery is an alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation facility offering evidence-based programs to recovering addicts. Chiron is a name derived from Greek mythology. He was a centaur who was known for his skill and knowledge in medicine.

Our rehabilitation facility has a wide range of programs that are backed by science and research. The programs are run by highly competent staff that is trained to provide care with a lot of compassion and understanding. The following are some of the rehab programs we offer.

Medical Detoxification

Prolonged abuse of alcohol and drugs often leads to physical dependency. The chemical changes that occur within the brain keep the addict hooked to the substances they are abusing. Trying to quit without proper detoxification, not only leads to frustrations but can cause serious health problems to the addict.

Road To Recovery

Chiron Recovery works with partners that provide medical detoxification for patients before they join the facility. The medical detoxification program helps to safely remove the unwanted substances from the body through a safe process that protects patients from withdrawal symptoms that could be harmful to their health. The process also helps to prepare patients who may need stronger medication later on during their alcohol and substance abuse recovery program.

Dual Diagnosis

An alcohol or substance abuse condition often occurs simultaneously with a mental health condition. Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders amongst other conditions, can cause an alcohol or substance abuse problem. Conversely, alcohol or drug abuse problem can, in turn, aggravate the mental health problem.

Statistics show that often, there is an underlying mental health issue that needs to be addressed. It is rare for the substance abuse problem to happen in isolation. Therefore, at Chiron, it is part of our philosophy to ensure that we identify and treat the underlying mental problem while treating addiction.

Family Program

The addict’s family can prove to be an obstacle before and during the recovery process. Members of the family may be enabling the addiction through their actions and attitudes. The family must address any imbalance in communication that may be an obstacle to the quick recovery of the addict. They must also pay attention to patterns that may worsen or enable addiction.

Prior to rehabilitation, the family sits down with a counselor. The intention of this initial family group session is to open up the channels of communication. The family is encouraged to have an honest talk that is non-judgmental and non-confrontational.

Men Rehab Treatment

The group session aims to unearth the patterns of behavior that led to the addiction. The family gains new insights on how their attitudes and behavior can influence the addict either positively or negatively. With the sessions opening up channels of communication, the family can benefit from discussing other aspects of the life of the addict. For example, it may be easier for the family to discuss how to organize their finances amongst other things.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Many people prefer the outpatient program because it allows them to go back to the responsibilities of their day to day life. However, an inpatient program may be advantageous to someone with a substance abuse problem in that it pulls them out of the toxic environment that led to their addiction.

Despite these advantages, there are many people who cannot commit to an inpatient program that runs for several months. An intensive outpatient program provides the patient with the freedom to go back to their day-to-day life but has a more intensive approach.

Our intensive outpatient program helps addict understand the patterns in their lives that caused the substance abuse problem. We help our clients understand that addiction is an illness that requires treatment and can be cured if the right principles are followed. Our intensive outpatient program equips our clients with life tools that give them the power to deal with life’s problems without abusing substances.

Executive Women Rehab Program

Chiron Recovery also offers rehabilitation programs tailored for women. Our executive women program is informed by research studies that prove that addiction between genders differs considerably. Addiction between men and women is influenced by various environmental and psychological factors.

There are certain circumstances that uniquely affect women and may also cause a substance abuse problem. Such circumstances may include the pressure to balance home and work responsibilities. Also, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), physical, sexual, and psychological abuse are some of the factors that are likely to lead women into addiction than men.

Chiron offers a suitable environment for women to recover from some of these environmental and psychological factors. We believe having a program catered specifically for women provides the best environment where they can be treated with compassion while receiving care from our highly competent and professional staff.

Aftercare Program

We also provide an aftercare program for all our clients once their rehabilitation program has been successfully completed. Our aftercare program is designed to ensure that the recovering addict continues the path to sobriety long after they have left our facility.

There are psychological factors that the recovering addict will go back to once he completes his rehabilitation. Chiron’s aftercare program ensures that the patient understands their addiction and learns to deal with challenges they may encounter once they get back to their day-to-day life.

We provide counselors who monitor your progress after you leave our facility. These counselors are trained to identify potential obstacles and risks that may trigger a relapse. The duration of aftercare varies from individual to individual. Some people may require weeks of aftercare treatment, while there are individuals who may require months and sometimes years.

Comprehensive Treatment Programs

We design rehabilitation programs in-house for our clients. Our programs are evidence-based and utilize the latest scientific methodologies designed to treat alcohol and substance abuse. We have a research department that is continuously working to improve our programs to ensure our clients get the best alcohol and substance abuse treatment. If you are looking for a professional rehab facility with various programs to cater for your needs, Chiron Recovery is here for you.

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