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Addiction Treatment for Adolescents

Substance abuse is prevalent amongst adolescents. According to NSUDH, out of the more than 3 million people in 2010 who used illicit substances in the United States, 57 percent of them were teenagers. Addiction to illicit substances can be disruptive to the life of an adult. In adolescents, it can cause a lot of distress for the addict, the addict’s parents and may raise tension between other members of the family.

At Chiron Recovery, we have programs that are designed for teenagers struggling with a substance abuse problem. Through these programs, we address the various aspects of a teenager’s life that could be influencing and enabling his addiction.

Adolescents Addiction Treatment


Our approach is non-judgmental and non-confrontational. We have one-on-one counseling sessions where we seek to find the root of the problem. Through the therapy sessions, the addict learns skills they will need to stay sober when they go back to their day-to-day life.

Teenagers are prone to peer influences due to the nature of their social interactions. The therapy sessions at Chiron seek to motivate the addict towards gaining the confidence and motivation to overcome their addiction problem.

At Chiron, we apply the latest scientific methodologies in the treatment of substance abuse in adolescents. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is one of the research-based methodologies that are used during our therapy sessions. CBT seeks to explore negative thought patterns that led to addiction and make positive adjustments. Your teen can benefit from this form of evidence-based therapy which is part of Chiron’s rehabilitation program.

Inpatient Vs Outpatient Program

We have inpatient and outpatient programs at Chiron Recovery in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. With inpatient care teens with a substance abuse problem leave their homes and book into a residential facility.

Inpatient care is suited for teens with unstable homes. It pulls the teen from the environment they live in, to break away from the negative influences in that environment. Family and friends may be enablers of their substance abuse problem, for example giving them easy access to alcohol or illicit substances.

With outpatient care, the patient only has to show up for a number of sessions a week. The benefit of these programs is that it allows them to go to school or to continue following up with other important commitments. At Chiron Recovery we have the Intensive Outpatient Program which equips addicts with skills needed to stay away from the negative influences of the environment they live in.

Family Program

Research studies indicate that engaging the family can go a long way in helping the addict overcome their substance abuse problem. This is even more significant for a teenager struggling with addiction.

The family dynamic has a great impact on him since he is under the parent’s authority and is expected to follow their rules whilst living in that household. Substance abuse is more likely than not to create situations that lead to confrontations between members of the family.

When these conflicts happen frequently the atmosphere at home may not allow for an honest discussion between family members. The teen struggling with a substance abuse problem may feel distressed and the lack of emotional and psychological stability may lead the teen towards the short term comfort they can find in abusing substances.

At Chiron Recovery, we have a family program which is part of the rehabilitation process. It seeks to identify the factors in the family dynamics that may be facilitating substance abuse problem. Through the honest discussions encouraged in these sessions, the addict can not only overcome their substance abuse problem, the patient will go back to a more positive atmosphere at home.

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