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Narcotic Drug Rehab Centers

Narcotics Anonymous is a program that is meant specifically for people who have a substance abuse problem. It is similar in many ways to the alcoholics anonymous and it follows a similar 12-step program towards recovery.

Narcotics Anonymous utilizes group sessions as part of the support structure for those that are struggling with a drug abuse problem. The support that recovering addicts get from these meetings facilitates long-term recovery.

The First Step

At Chiron, we have group sessions that follow the Narcotics Anonymous 12-step program. The first step encourages addicts to see that there are powerless over their addiction and admit that their lives are unmanageable as a result.

This step is necessary in helping to place the addict in the right frame of mind. The addict needs to admit that they have a problem. Because addiction has been seen for a long time as a moral problem rather than an illness, many addicts may feel embarrassed by it. They may fail to seek help or admit, even to themselves, that they have a problem.

The first step also encourages members of Narcotics Anonymous to see that their lives are unmanageable. Often the addict may fail to acknowledge the impact their addiction may have had on their lives. Addiction can affect finances, relationships and even their ability to be productive at work.

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Group Sessions

Often addicts isolate themselves from the rest of the world. There are some suggestions that people with a substance abuse problem have a harder time developing emotional bonds with those around them. They may see the world as user versus non-user. This can drive them deeper into isolation as they seek the comfort of drugs.

Narcotics Anonymous has group sessions based on the 12 steps of the program. These sessions help addicts to share their experiences with drugs and the impact it has had on their lives. People with a substance abuse problem can benefit immensely as they get to see firsthand that they are not alone in their struggle. An addict can see how their problem impacts on their lives by exploring others people’s struggles with substance abuse.

The sessions at Chiron Recovery are conducted by a qualified professional. The professional guides the session and helps the members of the group identify patterns of behavior that may have led to addiction. The counselor, however, provides room for the group members to share their experiences freely.

The Science

For a long time, many scientists were skeptical of the 12-step program. This is mainly because there are religious references made especially pertaining to a higher power. Yet, the program does not align itself with any religious group. All the steps of the program are conducted with a high level of impartiality.

Lately, science has begun to accept the role of Narcotics Anonymous in the treatment of substance abuse. Some studies have found the 12-step program to be beneficial in substance recovery and the continuous program helps to avoid a relapse after treatment.

The Philosophy

One of the philosophies of the program is that addicts must seek treatment voluntarily. This is meant to discourage confrontations that may come in an effort to compel an addict to seek help. These confrontations may have an impact on the addict’s mental well-being which may prevent them from admitting they have a problem or to actively seek treatment.

At Chiron Recovery, we believe in the application of the same approach towards substance abuse recovery. We have inpatient and outpatient programs and both have group sessions based on the 12-step program that addicts can benefit from. Additionally, Chiron Recovery has different programs that may suit people with varying needs seeking substance abuse treatment.

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