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PHP Treatment Center

Addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs can have huge implications that affect the quality of life of the addict. Statistics suggest that most people who abuse alcohol and drugs are trying to find quick relief for the problems they are facing. Yet, long time use of these substances often makes life even more complicated for them in the long run.

Some statistics indicate that close to 40% of homeless people are addicted to alcohol and another 26 % are addicted to other substances. Research on mental illness shows that most abusers have some underlying mental condition that may have triggered the substance abuse problem.

PHP Treatment Center

Addicts, therefore, need help to overcome the problem of addiction in order to improve their quality of life. At Chiron Recoverys we apply evidence-based strategies in our rehabilitation program. One of the strategies requires that the underlying mental health problem is addressed alongside the issue of substance abuse. Failing to do this often results in a relapse.

Partial Hospitalization Program

It is not uncommon for someone with a substance abuse problem to deny that they have a problem. Sometimes the problem may seem insurmountable due to the challenges they believe they have to face when they go for rehabilitation.

At Chiron, we believe in coming up with programs that are effective but also tailored to the needs of our clients. Partial hospitalization is one of our programs that is suited for people who cannot commit to a full residential program.

The person seeking rehabilitation treatment may not be in a position to leave their responsibilities behind them to join an inpatient treatment program. The Partial Hospitalization Program may, therefore, be more convenient for the following groups of people.


Executives, managers, employees are not immune to substance abuse and addiction. They may have good careers but the demands of these careers may be too much sometimes. They may seek quick relief in alcohol or substances. Unfortunately, when addiction develops it begins to take a toll on their lives and can eventually make things more complicated than before.

Career women are not exempted from this group. They have a hard time balancing their home and work life. Alcohol and substance abuse can have a serious impact on their relationships at work and at home. The partial hospitalization program at Chiron Recovery allows them to get treatment while attending to their responsibilities.

PHP Treatment Center (2)


Substance abuse is also prevalent amongst adolescents. The substances they abuse can range from alcohol, cocaine, heroin and even prescription drugs. Psychiatrists believe that substance abuse amongst adolescents may be as a result of a number of factors including the need to seek new experiences, peer pressure and mental health conditions such as anxiety and ADHD.

The Partial Hospitalization Program at Chiron is ideal for teenagers who have school or personal commitments that cannot allow them to join a residential program. They only need to commit a few hours a week in order to get treatment and be on their way to recovery from their substance abuse problem.

The Program

Our PHP program includes medical detox, which is among the first and most critical parts of the rehabilitation program. Medical detox is done by a qualified professional who is aware of the risks of withdrawal and will ensure that the patient is safe throughout the process.

There are also individual and group counseling sessions. Family group sessions are suitable for adolescents. Studies have shown that family involvement is beneficial when treating a substance abuse problem. After the partial hospitalization program has been completed, the patients will get access to Chiron’s Aftercare program which monitors the progress made and addresses relapses when and if they occur.

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