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Rehab Treatment for Men

Research studies continue to show that drug addiction affects and impacts on men and women in different ways. These differences show that men and women respond differently to drugs and there is a need to understand these differences in order for rehabilitation to be effective.

Addiction is often caused by psychological factors and most addicts often have a co-occurring mental health problem. Since both genders are affected by different social and psychological factors, Chiron Recovery has programs designed for both men and women in order to address the issue more comprehensively.

Rehab Treatment For Men

Social and Psychological Factors

Men are more likely to start abusing drugs at a younger age compared to women. There are also twice as many men abusing illicit substances. Men have higher rates of binge drinking, cocaine use, marijuana, smoking, and are more likely to abuse multiple substances concurrently.

However, these studies do not necessarily mean that men are more genetically predisposed to addiction. The main factor that leads to higher rates of substance abuse among men lies in how men are socialized. Socialization of males may are also linked to psychological factors that aggravate the problem of substance abuse.

For example, young males are more likely to start abusing drugs at an earlier age. This may be due to the fact that boys have access to tobacco and alcohol abuse that they get from friends and family members of the same age. Young girls who develop a substance abuse problem early on in life are often introduced to smoking and drinking by their male peers.

Cultural Factors

Cultural factors and roles ascribed to men can also encourage substance abuse. Traditionally, from early age men are encouraged to participate in risky behavior in order to prove their manhood. This makes males more susceptible to peer influences as they seek to prove to their peers that they are part of the group.

Additionally, males may be less likely to admit that they have a mental health issue or that they need treatment for substance abuse. Seeking help may be seen as a sign of weakness, therefore men may opt to internalize their problems instead of seeking help for addiction.

Rehab Treatment for Men (2)

Mental Health

Dual diagnosis is a critical part of rehabilitation treatment at Chiron Recovery. A mental health problem often accompanies addiction. Treating the mental condition is an important part of rehabilitation and long-term recovery of the addict.

Men and women are impacted by mental health issues differently. Eating disorders and depression are more common in women than in men and are some of the psychological factors that often lead women to substance abuse.

Men are susceptible to PTSD and are also prone to anxiety, depression, bipolar syndrome, and are even susceptible to eating and body image disorders. Even though the rate of some of this mental illness is higher among females, it is not easy to determine if they accurately portray the mental health situation among men especially given that these are reported cases. Suicide rates among males are four times higher compared to females and this may raise doubts whether men are less susceptible to depression than women.


In order for the rehab treatment to be successful, it is important to social and psychological factors that led to addiction. This approach makes an effort to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it for the long term.

At Chiron Recovery we recognize the importance of having programs catered for men. We have a comprehensive program that encompasses the full continuum of care from medical detox, dual diagnosis, inpatient and outpatient services, as well as aftercare treatment.

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