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Rehab Treatment for Women

For a long time, alcohol and drug rehabilitation were mainly seen from the male perspective. Most research studies were male oriented. Samples and survey questions were taken mainly from groups of males and even when women were involved studies forced them into a single group.

It was not until the 1980s that questions regarding gender and its role in substance and drug abuse. That was when scientists began to discover that cultural constructs of masculinity and femininity has had an impact in how individuals abuse drugs.

Rehab Treatment For Women

Substance Abuse

The impact of cultural constructs can be seen in the prevalence of drug abuse. Men are more likely to abuse tobacco, alcohol, cocaine and other illicit substances. Men are also likely to abuse illicit drugs from an early age and continue for longer than most women.

With these statistics, it may seem that men are more susceptible to drug abuse than women. However, women face their own unique challenges when it comes to substance abuse and addiction. Some of these challenges were captured in a study published in the Journal for Substance Abuse which concluded that some treatment programs originally designed for men were not suitable for women.

According to the study, conducted among federal prisoners found that the female prisoners seemed to abuse harder drugs more frequently than their male counterparts. This study suggests that even though there are lower rates of substance abuse amongst females, female addicts are more likely to develop a more complex substance abuse problem.


One of the factors that lead to higher rates of abuse among men is often peer pressure and social expectations of masculinity. A ‘real man’ is expected to be bold and take risks to prove his manhood. This is one channel through which peer pressure can lead to substance abuse in men.

On the other hand, women are often expected to be on their best behavior. Due to the social expectations, women may feel the need to conform to what their peers are doing. Therefore, a female addict may be introduced to illicit substances as a result of influences from friends or lovers.

Rehab treatment for women

Mental Health

At Chiron Recovery we seek to address mental health issues as part of our dual diagnosis and substance abuse recovery program. Mental conditions often lead to substance abuse and substance abuse also aggravates these mental health issues.

Statistics show that women have higher rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders amongst other psychological issues and conditions. These mental health problems sometimes lead to substance abuse. Women who have suffered from physical or sexual abuse are also prone to addiction. Cases of physical and sexual abuse are often underreported.

Many women who are victims of these abuses turn to drugs as a way of coping with the psychological trauma that comes about as a result of physical or sexual abuse. The vulnerability that women experience is the root of many social problems experienced by women and this makes them susceptible to drug abuse, especially when combined with other factors.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Women

At Chiron, we recognize these unique factors that lead to substance abuse in women. We have an executive women program tailored specifically for female addicts. It is designed to address the factors affecting women and to facilitate an effective recovery from substance abuse.

Women who are struggling with addiction need the full range of care. Medical detoxification is necessary for patients who have been abusing substances for a considerable period of time. We also provide dual diagnosis treatment to address underlying mental disorders. Chiron Recovery also has a family program that addresses the challenges faced by the addict’s family and an aftercare program to prevent and address relapses should they occur.

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