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What Is Rehab

Rehab is a term often used to denote an alcohol or drug rehabilitation facility that helps addicts overcome their addiction. Alcohol and substance abuse often lead to behavioral changes that may affect the quality of life of the addict. Through rehab, the individual can benefit from long-term recovery assistance and quality life improvements that come from overcoming the substance abuse problem.

Inpatient and Outpatient Care

There are two main types of rehab facilities, inpatient and outpatient care. The traditional model favors inpatient care. Inpatient care has long been considered to be more effective for severe addictions. The addict joins a facility for a few weeks and sometimes months in order to get specialized care and treatment round the clock.

What is rehab

Chiron offers both inpatient and outpatient care. Outpatient care is suitable for those who need treatment for their addiction, but cannot join a rehab facility for one reason or the other. With outpatient care, the addict only needs to commit a few hours a week to for a given period of time until they recover.

Chiron also has an intensive outpatient program. This program is particularly suited for teenagers. Teenagers are still at a stage where their brains are still developing and a substance abuse problem can have a huge impact on their lives. The intensive outpatient program is designed for teenagers who need specialized care to overcome addiction which can seem like an insurmountable problem for them.

The Approach

An addict’s problem often goes beyond the simple action of abusing drugs. There are other factors that either cause addiction or makes it worse. For these reasons, there are several approaches based on scientific studies that are used to help facilitate recovery from addiction.

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Group Therapy

Addiction often leads to a significant change in behavior. Most addicts will choose to isolate themselves from family, friends, or the community they live in. Group therapy seeks to break this tendency towards isolation in order to address some of the factors that caused addiction.

One way that group therapy can help is by placing the addict in a setting with a number of peers facing the same problem. By listening to others share their personal experiences, they can gain insights into patterns of behavior that continue to enable the addiction. The group also creates a supportive community of people who share similar experiences, which can encourage the addict to overcome their addiction.

Family Program

Chiron has a family program that is designed to help the addict as well as the family which has been affected by addiction. The behavior of the addict can affect the family, and similarly, the behavior of members of the family can enable substance abuse.

The family program at Chiron seeks to understand how each member of the family has been impacted by addiction and the consequences of substance abuse. It also seeks to address the attitude of the members of the family and how their behavior could possibly be enabling addiction.

Following through with the family program can do a great deal in helping with the recovery process. For example, when a user is trying to overcome a drug or alcohol problem accessibility to these substances can affect his chances of recovery. By accompanying the addict to these sessions, the family members can learn simple steps they can take to help facilitate quick recovery.

Comprehensive Care

At Chiron, we provide comprehensive care for people seeking rehabilitation for their alcohol or drug abuse problem. We have care tailored for men, women and even teens. We apply the latest scientific methodologies in treating addiction and our programs are designed and formulated by our highly competent staff. Addiction is an illness. For the most effective treatment consider Chiron Recovery.

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