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Treatment Elements

We at Chiron Recovery fully understand and appreciate the individuality of each client. Thus we guarantee that you or a loved one undergoes a thorough assessment in order for a personalized treatment plan to be accurately designed and effectively implemented.

The following treatment elements revolve around the main principle of individualizing treatment and tailoring it according to your specific case.

Treatment Elements

Assessment Program

Our only focus is our clients’ progress, and essentially, assessment is where all progress begins. Therefore, it is our moral obligation and sincere desire that each client undergoes a thorough evaluation with our trained, qualified, certified and experienced specialists.

Essentially, assessment is the process of accurately determining and defining the overall health status of a client and the very nature of his condition. It covers the following purposes:

  • To collect crucial pieces of information about a client through physical and mental evaluation, in order to gauge his enthusiasm for rehabilitation or the lack of it, his personal strengths and weaknesses, underlying medical complications or physical impairments our caregivers need to be aware of, as well as to be able to diagnose co-occurring mental health conditions that require immediate attention, treatment and care alongside with addiction.
  • To organize and interpret data and results gathered through expert diagnosis by our licensed and skilled mental health professionals.  We believe that screenings should be administered and scored by qualified specialists and not just by any hired staff.   Furthermore, placement and treatment decisions should be left only in the hands of licensed clinicians.

Rest assured that our assessment team is equipped with the necessary skills, techniques and experiences to better serve our clients. They also possess:

  • The necessary certifications in substance abuse treatment.
  • The professional degrees required in this field of healthcare service.
  • Special training on the proper use of tools in assessment and screening.

In order to examine and evaluate the severity of a client’s condition, Chiron Recovery makes use of the following assessment tools:

  • Medical Evaluation.  We appreciate the importance of professional accuracy and sensitivity in evaluating our clients’ conditions and needs.
  • Psychological Testing.  Our team of psychologists is trained to determine underlying mental conditions, underscore your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.
  • Cognitive Testing.  Through this, we can more accurately gauge the damages done by your drug or alcohol addiction, as well as determine which ones can still be reversed.
  • Toxicology Testing.  Since most clients often feel uncomfortable or embarrassed disclosing more than one drug they’re actually addicted to, undergoing a simple toxicology test will not require any awkward talking or admitting.   Knowing what specific drug or drugs your loved one is on gives us a better idea of what we’re dealing with.

Therapeutic Elements

Substance abuse, combined with the often inevitable mental health issues on the side, can cause serious damage to a person — physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, or even legally. It’s positively encouraging to know that this multifaceted disease can be corrected through early diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment Elements

By strict compliance to the following principles of effective treatment, Chiron Recovery can provide an improved efficiency and consistent reliability when it comes to addiction treatment, care, and recovery:

  • We sensitively acknowledge the inherent individuality of patient, and the crucial role it plays in our efforts to help them regain their health, productivity, motivation and purpose in life.  Since personal history, background and personality are different in each unique individual, treatment of addiction and other mental health issues should also be individualized.   Rehabs are never a ‘one size fits all’ treatment facility.   We always make sure to create a comprehensive plan suitable to the particular needs of each of our clients.
  • We give due importance to early diagnosis and intervention, which are critical factors in treatment efficiency, damage prevention, and recovery speed.  Although dealing with substance addiction or other mental issues come with morally discouraging social stigma and stereotyping, we encourage people to muster the courage and come visit or just even call Chiron Recovery ASAP.    Our reception team will patiently answer all of your questions personally or by phone, whichever means you prefer and feel comfortable with.
  • We adopt a holistic approach that covers not only our clients’ physical and mental health, comfort and safety; we also address their social, vocational and legal well-being.
  • We emphasize to our clients the need for long-term rehab, which consists of individual sessions, family, and group therapy with our qualified mental health experts.  We also continue to regularly assess, monitor and follow up our clients post-rehab, with the goal of preventing relapses and securing their path to recovery.

We, at Chiron Recovery, incorporate the following therapeutic elements into our treatment plans:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  It combines psychotherapy and behavioral therapy into a time-tested and effective means to predict and change how you think and behave for the better.   Your thought and behavioral processes, after all, are held accountable for certain conditions such as being emotionally or psychosocially impaired.   Once we have positively improved your cognitive health, we can somehow also alter and uplift your behavior, attitude, and outlook on life.
  • EMDR Therapy.  Being a trauma-oriented rehab facility, Chiron Recovery adapts the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy.   It can safely and effectively treat trauma, which is usually intertwined with alcohol or drug addiction.   EDMR is a reliable method recognized and promoted by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and the Department of Defense.
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.  Instead of focusing on negative thoughts and emotions, we redirect our clients’ consciousness to a more positive approach to recovery.   In other words, we make it a point to focus on solutions and not on the problems themselves in order to encourage, motivate and uplift our clients for faster recovery.
  • Psychoeducational Group Therapy.  This is implemented soon after being diagnosed.   It entails the positive effect of having family and friends actively involved in the recovery process, as well as allow clients to mix and mingle with other people who also happen to share similar life experiences and situations owing to drugs or alcohol.   Humans are social creatures by nature and simply by tapping into this intrinsic trait, we wish to help our clients feel accepted, understood, supported and encouraged in their attempt for starting anew.   According to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, psychoeducational group therapy can equip family and friends with the necessary skills and knowledge to better assist their loved ones in the journey toward a drug and alcohol-free life.
  • Brief Strategic Family Therapy.  This cultural-sensitive approach is an evidence-based approach that effectively reduces delinquency and substance abuse in juvenile clients.   This very personal and well thought out method has been proven to strengthen the bond between family members and thus somehow speed up recovery.

Through adherence to our therapeutic elements, treatment and recovery success is well within reach. Nonetheless, do keep in mind that relapses are often inevitable. When you do experience these downfalls, simply stand up again. Rest assured that Chiron Recovery will always be there for you as you take the first steps to recovery. As Robert Collier once said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Experiential Therapies

This practical, hands-on and unconventional approach is more than just talking. It involves a more physical outlet for balled-up thoughts and emotions through movements, activities, and actions. Developed back in the 1970’s, experiential therapy helps patients identify and address subliminal issues using the following:

  • Art and music for expressing oneself
  • Prop use
  • Guided visualization and imagery
  • Role-playing
  • Family gatherings
  • Outdoor activities
Treatment Elements (2)

Although some clients are quite comfortable talking about their personal issues, there are still some who remain clammed up perhaps due to mental health complications such as trauma. Experiential therapy is a most effective means of helping such clients eventually open up and express themselves instead of bottling up their toxic mental and emotional burdens. Through this non-verbal approach, reaching out and connecting to our clients is made more accessible, and we can thus better strengthen our assurance of moral support.

Chiron Recovery offers the following experiential therapies:

  • Outdoor Therapy.  Nature truly has healing wonders.   Similar to other diseases and conditions, substance abuse can be alleviated by therapeutic nature walks under the early morning sun and the fresh air.   By helping our clients reconnect with nature, their addictive habits are gradually pushed further into the background and replaced with a healthier and brighter lifestyle.  Rehab need not be monotonous or bleak.   Recovering individuals should not merely be confined to a room.   Walking and enjoying nature is often more therapeutic as it enables our clients to be more introspective, reflective and insightful.
  • Neurofeedback Training.  This form of psychotherapy allows us to monitor your brain function and advise you on how to directly affect your brain.   Through your conscious effort to regulate your brainwave patterns, recovery is potentially hastened and you may also feel less dependent on other therapies and medications.

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