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Medical Evaluation

Substance abuse disorder, while treatable, is complicated considering that it can be caused and influenced by numerous factors such as the history of substance abuse in the family, genetics, and peer pressure, among others. Additionally, non-related medical conditions can appear similar to symptoms of drug addiction and overdose.

Considering the complexity of substance abuse disorder, our team of specialists makes sure that we conduct a thorough assessment of the precise condition of the substance abuser. This in-depth analysis significantly helps in gaining a better understanding of the problem and in determining the best course of action to foster recovery. This assessment phase includes a full medical evaluation.

Medical Evaluation

A medical evaluation is a process of collecting information about the overall physical and mental health of the drug dependent using a variety of tools and techniques. A critical part of this process is discovering the physical or physiological effects of the substance addiction so that the same can be fully addressed in the patient’s treatment plan.

What Are the Goals of a Medical Evaluation?

At the end of the day, the goal of any medical evaluation is to help the doctors design the most appropriate treatment and rehabilitation program to fit a patient’s condition. Specifically, the conduct of medical evaluation aims to:

  • Immediately address risky health issues.
  • Confirm and examine the condition of the substance use disorder of the patient as regards abused drug of choice, the length of use, and frequency of intake, among others.
  • Appraise the degree of dependence of the patient.
  • Determine what physical and mental issues are present.
  • Identify the most suitable level of care, patient management, and treatment options to address the substance addiction.

What Are the Components of the Medical Evaluation Process?

The medical evaluation process consists of several components to ensure that every related aspect is analyzed. The results of the following components, combined with the information gathered in the screening process, are vital to the development of a patient-specific addiction treatment plan and recovery program:

Medical History

Substance abuse takes a big toll on the general health of the patient, which is why it is important that a complete medical history is taken to get information on the following:

  • Past medical history
  • Psychiatric history
  • Current psychiatric history
  • Complications due to drug use such as venous thromboses, endocarditis, constipation, and abscesses
  • History of drug overdose
  • Current or past history of infectious diseases like hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis
  • Sensitivity to diseases that can be prevented by vaccines
  • Sexual health as well as history of sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptive use
  • History of medication from other illnesses
  • Allergies
  • Nicotine, caffeine, and over-the-counter medicine consumption
Physical and Mental Examination

During this step, the patient is directed to complete a physical and mental examination to get a better picture of the overall physical and mental health of the drug dependent.

Medical Evaluation (2)
Other Medical Investigations

If the patient reveals a history, risks, physical signs or symptoms of susceptibility to other illnesses, other medical investigations can be carried out depending on the judgment of the medical specialist. This may include testing for hepatitis B and C, HIV, and ECG, among others.

Our team of professionals here at Chiron is primarily concerned with how the patient can fully benefit from the treatment program. There is a clear understanding that all vital steps should be taken to ensure that the patient will receive the best treatment plan that fully addresses his needs. This is the reason why our initial screening and medical assessment are exhaustive and detailed. At Chiron, our clients’ welfare comes first and foremost.

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