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Toxicology Testing for Drugs and Alcohol

Toxicology tests are conducted by health professionals and doctors to detect traces or amounts of toxins in the body. The tests are more commonly associated with pre-employment or workplace drug testing, steroid testing for athletes, and drug tests in schools.

In all cases, the employer, team owner, or school teacher have these tests conducted on their charges to make sure that they aren’t taking anything they’re not supposed to.

But toxicology tests can also be taken independently, without having to wait for anyone else’s instructions. If you’re starting to feel the negative effects of your dependency or usage, then it’s best to get tested right away.

Toxicology Testing

Once tested, you will be able to know just how much toxin you have in your body, and how much more it can handle before it gives out.

Don’t wait for your body to give up completely before deciding to take action.

Have yourself tested today – the sooner you do it, the better equipped you will be to handle the effects.

When should I get tested?

Once the thought of getting toxicology test even crosses your mind, then that means it’s a good time to get one. It’s always best to get yourself tested after you’ve made the appropriate preparations. Besides making sure to eat the right amount of food or drinking the right kinds of fluids, you’ll also have to make sure to get your medical history together.

Make sure you’re also aware of your physical condition before pushing through with the toxicology test. Metabolic rates and the amount of water in your body are bound to have varying effects on your body – and, by extension, your test results.

How do I get tested?

You can usually get reliable toxicology testing results from your nearest hospital. Once you’re able to set an appointment, you’ll have to prepare for the test. The best, most effective way to get the most out of your results is to prepare a list of all the drugs or other toxins you remember taking up until that point.

Remember: it is absolutely crucial that you are honest about tallying down the number of drugs you’ve taken. Important also is the kind of drug you’ve taken. Once your doctor is made aware of your medical history, it will be easier for the both of you to find treatment.

Toxicology Testing

Toxicology testing for drugs and alcohol content is taken via either your blood or urine. These are the most common ways to extract viable samples for the testing, and also the easiest.

You won’t have to brace yourself for any pain when undergoing these tests. Unless you have some prior condition that makes it painful to take a urine sample or an ailment that makes it difficult to extract blood, most toxicology tests only ask for these samples. This is why it’s so important to be honest when talking to your doctor. If he isn’t made aware of your prior conditions right away, then you may end up suffering more because of it later on.

What else can affect my test results?

Length of time: The difference in results between recent drug or alcohol intakes versus a prolonged use can be very different. Depending also on the intensity and quantity of your consumption, your body stands to suffer from more grave effects if you’ve been using these toxins longer.

Food or drink intake: Certain food items or drinks can affect your test results, as they may contribute unknown chemicals or particles that could lessen the toxins’ visibility.

Lack of sample: This is usually a problem for those giving their urine samples. In some cases, a person is too dehydrated to be able to give the right amount needed for the sample.

High levels of toxins in my system – what now?

High levels of drugs and alcohol in the system can prove disastrous, especially if left untreated for a long time. Once you test positive for high amounts of either toxin, then it’s recommended that you seek medical aid right away. Seeing a psychotherapist also should not be too far off the list, as prolonged usage of drugs and alcohol can severely damage the mind.

At Chiron, you can find and access the help you’ll need for all your physical and mental health needs. Fully staffed with professionals who have the training and experience to help you recover, you’ll find that coping with a drug or alcohol addiction isn’t something you can do on your own.

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