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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

We at Chiron Recovery value the overall health and well-being of our clients. And what better way to improve our services than to include in our comprehensive treatment options the time-tested and effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? You or your loved one will benefit from this very time-effective and highly practical psychotherapy treatment.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is essentially a cross between behavioral therapy and psychotherapy. Behavioral therapy focuses on the connection between our problems, thoughts, and behavior. Psychotherapy places emphasis on the significance of the personal value we give to things and experiences, as well as how our childhood affects our thought patterns. In a nutshell, our clients can enjoy the best of both worlds.

CBT adopts a more hands-on take on problem-solving. With the main goal of altering thought and behavioral patterns usually associated with addiction, it aims to improve and uplift our clients’ general mood and outlook in life. Our qualified psychotherapists can help you take control of your attitude and behavioral issues for you to obtain recovery success and lasting freedom from drugs or alcohol. Rest assured that they can tailor an individualized treatment plan that is specifically customized according to your personality.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help change certain behaviors and attitudes specifically by concentrating on an individual’s cognitive processes (which include thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs) and defining the impact of these processes on his behavior. In this way, a safer and more effective means of dealing with mental and emotional difficulties can be established.

The Advantages of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Chiron Treatment uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a plethora of reasons.

  • Probably the most practical advantage of CBT is its time efficiency. Consisting of weekly sessions that last around 50 minutes, the treatment takes approximately five to ten months before positive results become manifest.
  • Unlike other more conventional therapy settings, CBT encourages a more collegial relationship between therapist and client. Instead of the therapist playing the superior role of advisor, he works hand in hand with his client in understanding his problems.  He seeks valuable personal input from the client for developing strategies that can more effectively address such problems.
  • Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, clients are taught and trained to be more independent and capable of tackling issues themselves and not to simply remain attached and dependent on a therapist. Our experienced specialists can introduce you or your loved one to a valuable set of principles that are truly indispensable in dire situations.

What to Expect During a CBT Session

Another outstanding quality of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is absent from other forms of psychotherapy is its more organized structure essential during sessions. The purpose behind this organization and structure that is key to CBT is to maximize therapeutic time efficiency, to guarantee that no significant detail is omitted, as well as to be able to have a more natural and comprehensive flow from one session to another.

  • First, CBT makes use of a well thought out structure wherein a client is first encouraged by our specialist to determine and specify issues he may be dealing with in order to set and define goals. Other therapies, on the other hand, simply let the client talk about whatever it is he may be thinking or, in other words, express his thoughts in a haphazard manner.
  • After having determined specific problems and consequently having defined goals, you and your therapist can now start working together. Together, you will plan the outline of each session, as well as the strategies and approach to be discussed.  Basically, it is usually during the first session when you and your therapist can work out the particular points of discussion for the succeeding sessions.  At the end of the meeting, you will be given homework that will be discussed in your next session.
  • In your next meeting, expect to review and discuss what you have concluded in the previous session. Our therapist can better gauge the progress you’re making through the homework you’ve done.  Planning the assignment to be accomplished outside of sessions will be done at the end of each session.

Chiron Recovery guarantees that all our treatment methods are selected only after undergoing due evaluation from our very own research team. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been found to be effective in most cases. Hopefully, you or a loved one can also benefit from it, through professional assistance from our licensed specialists.

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