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Family Therapy

Family therapy operates on the assumption that family is one unit composed of closely related parts that work and greatly influence each other. This means that a change in any part can result in changes on the other parts as well. Considering this belief, family therapy relies heavily on utilizing the power of the family to significantly help in the recovery process of people suffering from substance abuse disorder.

This kind of treatment approach, when carried out properly, can help not only the patient but his family as well. Family therapy brings about understanding and awareness of the needs of the family and poses authentic and lasting healing.

Family Therapy

How can Family Therapy Helps in the Treatment of Addiction?

Nobody can discount the influence of the family in bringing about positive change in the lives of drug dependents considering that the family can provide a strong support system. Specifically, family therapy helps in the treatment of addiction through the following ways:

  • It helps the family to develop a healthy structure that can offer the best support to the member who has substance abuse problem.
  • It aids in boosting morale, strengthening willpower, and intensifying the desire of the patient to continue his recovery journey.
  • It helps the patient realize and understand that, in reality, there are people around him who care and are willing to support him during the entire process.
  • It helps the family to make needed changes (interpersonal, intrapersonal, and environmental) to support the recovery needs of the affected member.
  • It facilitates the involvement of every member of the family in the recovery process of the patient which greatly helps not only during the duration of the treatment but in preventing relapse as well.
  • It helps patients regardless of culture, religion, and race considering that connection, sense of identification, belongingness, and acceptance that are founded in the family are consistent across boundaries.

What is the Primary Benefit of Family Therapy?

While family therapy provides countless benefits, prevention is at the top of the list. Numerous studies show that if one member of the family suffers from substance abuse disorder, it increases the risk of other members developing addiction problems as well. This means that the substance abuse disorder can move from one generation to the next.

Family Therapy (2)

Fortunately, family therapy has been found to counter this problem. Different types of research have found that engaging in family therapy considerably lessens the risk of other family members developing substance abuse disorder considering that the process brings to light the many difficulties and hardships that the patient experiences; thereby, stressing the seriousness of this problem.

When is it Best to Consider Family Therapy?

Not every family would be keen to relying on family therapy as part of the rehabilitation process at the onset, usually because of convenience and time issues. However, it is best to consider this treatment option during the following situations:

  • When the drug dependent family member is not responding positively to his existing treatment plan and continuous to use drugs despite the protests and objections of the other family members
  • When there are family concerns and problems that may have contributed to the substance abuse.
  • When the rest of the family is already experiencing physical and mental difficulties because of the family member’s addiction.
  • When the family desires to improve and learn effective coping skills on how to positively handle the problem.
  • When other treatment methods used failed to result in the achievement of recovery goals.

What our Family Counselors Do?

Given all the information provided above, family therapy is one of the most effective treatment strategies that can be included in the rehabilitation program of a person suffering from substance abuse disorder.

Our family counselors are highly trained and skilled to facilitate recovery using this approach. They have the expertise to determine the uniqueness of the family structure of the patient and what methods would work best. Moreover, they are persistent in encouraging and motivating the family to begin and continue with the process until positive changes are gained.

If you are looking for professional assistance to help a family member or a loved one who is suffering from substance abuse disorder, call us immediately for more information about family therapy and other available treatment interventions.

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