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Outdoor Therapy Program

There is nothing more exciting than being able to start a fire using only primitive methods in the wilderness and cook your own food. If you are not able to light a fire you will not have food to eat or if you have canned provision you will have to make do with an uncooked or unheated meal. Pitching a tent presents a challenge to many modern folks as much as sleeping on the rough ground with only the warmth generated by the open flame of a bonfire making evenings bearable in the cold temperature of the wild. Crossing rivers or navigating difficult mountain trails can be safely done by communicating with colleagues in a group who, in the course of their long association, are expected to form bonds of friendship and camaraderie.

Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor therapy activities

These are some of the activities often undertaken in outdoor therapy sessions together with other psychological therapy techniques to treat people with emotional, developmental and relational issues. Addiction to certain substances and behavior can be treated using outdoor therapy where exposure to situations requiring innovativeness and creativity helps to reacquire self-worth, personal reliance, and confidence. By separating the client from their accustomed surroundings, people and things and exposing them to a serene environment and circumstances, the person becomes resourceful as a matter of survival.

In the process, he rediscovers his inner self and gets in tough with his emotions, casting aside negative and unproductive thoughts. Self-analysis led by trained therapists process the experience and highlight what the clients learned through reflective activities and counseling.

Outdoor therapy can be designed as individual programs but is often conceptualized and taught in group settings because communication and cooperative skills, teamwork and trust can be developed only among members in a group.

Outdoor therapy vs. wilderness adventure

While outdoor therapy uses exposure to unfamiliar surroundings, primitive skills training, and team building exercises to challenge and treat unwanted behavior and beliefs, wilderness adventure adds a certain degree of risk in the emotionally and physically challenging activities included in its program. Wilderness adventure uses expeditions as a vehicle to finding treatment to addiction and other maladaptive behaviors together with high adventure games such as rock climbing, adventure racing, and kayaking. While wilderness adventure therapists believe the element of risk is necessary to achieve the curative results, no definitive clinical evidence suggests this is so.

Outdoor therapy and safety

Outdoor therapy programs, though relatively safe, must be licensed by state agencies. Registered health care professionals must always be on hand to conduct individual or group sessions. The program must be able to provide individual treatment plans which are regularly supervised and monitored by qualified therapists who are able to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.

Outdoor Therapy

Why choose Chiron?

At Chiron, we have licensed therapists and travel guides who will make sure your outdoor therapy experience will not only be successful from the point of view of its curative goals but also fun. We provide an outdoor environment and design activities that will challenge you mentally and physically. We will guide you in your quest to get back your life from the claws of addiction, depression and other mental health issues.

Our programs are tailor fit for those looking for a new type of treatment. The stresses you go through behind your desk and the ensuing addiction and errant actions have to be understood and dealt with in a way that is safe and therapeutically effective. Give us a call and our friendly staff will gladly accommodate you with the utmost level of confidentiality.

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