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Strategic Family Therapy

Strong family ties are the foundation of a person’s wellbeing, attitude, and future. The relationship between family members is so important that without it, anyone can get lost in facing the challenges the world has in store for us. But what if the family starts to crumble? How does a person? This is where family therapy comes in.

What is family therapy?

To bring back the sanity, communication, respect, and concern for each family member, family therapy should be a top priority. It is a form of counseling guided by a licensed psychologist or therapist to solve conflicts between family members. This form of therapy is necessary in order to heal and restore peace and love inside the home.

Family therapy is composed of everyone that is involved in the conflict. In order for this to be successful, everyone must be willing to participate, cooperate, and put an effort to make a positive change. Treatments will depend on the gravity of the situation and how each person is affected. By completing the program, will learn about healthy ways to deepen relationships and connections between family members. The goal of family therapy is to help everyone cope with the troubles they may face now and in the future.

How family therapy works

The first step is to engage with a professional. You should address and explain the issues, be they problems between children or between parents and children, financial issues, marital affairs, addictions, etc.

If necessary, members can also undergo other types of treatments that can help solve the underlying problem. Say, the psychologist finds out that the root of the problem is an addiction, members that may be dependent on alcohol or drugs should purse rehab treatments. Or if someone may have schizophrenia, that person should undergo individualized treatment programs to fix the issue. If this is the case, the entire family can still participate in the treatment process for support and motivation. In fact, it is at this time that that member needs support to keep him or her going.

Family therapy is formed to give guidance to every member how to behave in such a way that he or she do not trigger anger or conflict anymore, rather, make better steps in order to bring the family closer.

What happens before the therapy?

Primarily, the psychologist will evaluate the problem and designappropriate treatment plans. Our expert medical therapists will interview the family to identify the issues as well as the factors that may have contributed to the problem. We will observe behavioral patterns of each member, the family’s weaknesses and strengths, the roles, and the relationships inside the house.

For example, one member of your family is suffering from depression and no one can understand what he is going through or no one knows how to offer support. In the end, communication gaps and rifts happen. In this situation, our psychologists can quickly identify the challenges and educate the family how to handle them; set goals how to work things out; and eliminate unhealthy practices that may contribute to the issue.

Chiron is one of the most reputable treatment centers in Florida, offering the best family therapy programs. Our goal is to help families appreciate one another better, provide knowledge, skills, and practical solutions to solve any issues that may arise, strengthen family core values, and bring back happiness to your home.

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