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Drug and Alcoholism Treatment Program

If you or a loved one happens to have a drug or alcohol problem that is slowly but surely wreaking havoc in your life, as well as the lives of those closest to you, Chiron Recovery offers a comprehensive continuum of care, treatment, and rehabilitation for lasting sobriety.

We follow evidence-based practices, which are hand-picked by our very own research department, and combine them with a positively serene and nurturing environment conducive to recovery. Located in the tranquil city of Palm Beach Gardens in Florida, Chiron Recovery offers drug and alcohol treatment programs for those who wish to start anew and lead a clean and fuller life without the dark cloud of addiction constantly hovering above.

Treatment Programs

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that can be seriously life-damaging when left undiagnosed and untreated. It afflicts a wide range of demographics, which basically means that a vast majority of the population is detrimentally affected by drugs regardless of age, gender, culture, race, religion, status or personal background.

Drug addicts come in various forms, and should not be stereotyped as mere introvert junkies hanging out in dark alleys. In fact, some are mothers and fathers who can still manage to hold day jobs or fulfill household responsibilities; others are teenagers who have simply succumbed to peer pressure; while some are even executive types who lead an affluent life, with a booming professional career and an active social life. Drug addiction, after all, is not limited to illegal drugs but also involves prescription drugs. In other words, people afflicted with drug abuse or addiction have obvious differences in lifestyle, status, and circumstances, with most of them appearing to live a relatively more normal life than others.

The good news is: drug addiction can be treated. Chiron Recovery is here to help people from all walks of life in their journey to health, wellness, and sobriety.

Understanding that addiction is a disease, we use evidence-based treatment methods and techniques, which have first been duly evaluated and approved by our own private research team. Our trained, licensed, experienced and friendly staff of professional healthcare providers can assist in the sensitive and often volatile recovery process. Rest assured that the continuum of care we provide is based on a holistic approach, from detoxification and all through to crucial aftercare for relapse prevention.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

According to a 2014 survey by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are approximately 88,000 alcohol-related deaths (of which roughly 70% are men and 30% are women); 9,967 of these deaths are attributed to drunk driving, which accounts for 31 percent of general driving fatalities.

Contact Chiron Recovery ASAP and save yourself or your loved one from being merely a figure in future statistics. With our professional assistance, alcohol abuse and addiction can be conquered.

Addiction is a disease and we have the necessary treatment plan for overcoming it. There’s no use wallowing in shame, embarrassment, guilt or self-blame. Let go of all these stagnant drawbacks and simply allow us to help you focus on the positive solutions aimed at recovery. Our professional team is able and willing to be a significant part of your rehabilitation, but the initial initiative and decision must come from you. It is you who hold the key to your own life, and Chiron Recovery will only be there to guide and support you on the often rocky road to sobriety. Hand in hand, we can achieve recovery success.

Detox Options

Whether concerning drugs or alcohol, treatment must include detoxification, which plays a crucial role in the overall rehabilitation process. Detox entails flushing out or getting rid of the toxins accumulated in the body from your drug or alcohol abuse. Your body has been dependent on these damaging substances and, depending on how long you’ve been catering to your habit and how bad your addiction is, the withdrawal symptoms associated with detox may vary. Through this initial flush-out, your chances of becoming drug-free or sober are drastically increased. At Chiron Recovery, we offer the following detox options:

  • Medical Detox. This can be recommended by our clinicians as they see fit.  For instance, if the withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing are severe and unbearably agonizing, we may have to prescribe non-addictive substitutes to ease cravings, and pain relievers or sedatives to somehow make your detox experience more tolerable.
  • Natural Detox. This is an alternative route for clients who particularly want to undergo detox without using prescription drugs.  Our team will assist you throughout the detox phase, making sure that you have proper nutrition, physical exercise, and moral support.
  • Inpatient Detox. This involves staying in our peaceful residential facility that guarantees 24/7 medical supervision.  This is usually recommended for clients with heavy and long-term drug or alcohol use.  Since withdrawal symptoms are more severe in such cases, our reliable staff will be on stand-by for close monitoring.  Aside from medical assistance, another advantage of inpatient detox is that you are in a safe and secure environment away from easy access to drugs or alcohol.
  • Outpatient detox. If you so choose and if our clinicians approve it after evaluation, you will definitely enjoy the convenience of outpatient detox.  In this option, you are not required to stay in a residential facility.  Instead, you retain the freedom to go home and fulfill your family or work obligations while receiving the necessary detox and treatment usually scheduled before or after working hours for your convenience.
Treatment Programs3

Chiron Recovery emphasizes that you steer clear of the cold turkey route. Detox should always be done under strict medical supervision and monitoring, and should never be done on your own. We are strongly against going cold turkey or attempting to do it yourself (DIY) as this is reckless and can potentially endanger your life. Especially if you have a severe case of addiction or abuse, detoxifying through uninformed home remedies often lead to heart attacks, seizures, paralysis, or even untimely death. Therefore, a medically supervised detox remains the safest and most effective method.

Dual Diagnosis Program

More often than not, a drug or alcohol problem almost always comes with one or more co-occurring mental health issues. Sometimes, a mental disorder can be the cause of addiction; however, it can be the other way around, wherein a mental problem is the result of damage done by drugs or alcohol. Either way, whether it’s the chicken or the egg that came first, both conditions must be treated side by side. Our assessment team can detect and diagnose mental disorders co-occurring with your addiction. Understanding the importance of mental health and well-being to recovery success, we make it a point to consider and address these underlying conditions for a speedier rehabilitation and a more lasting sobriety.

Treatment Programs 2

Holistic Rehab Treatment

Becoming sober is not at all the same with staying sober. They are two entirely different chapters in the rehab journey. With this in mind, we follow a holistic approach with the best interests of our clients in mind.

  • Assessment is the first and foremost step in our holistic rehab treatment, wherein our trained clinicians are equipped with the necessary assessment tools, certifications, and experience for gathering accurate results. It is also meant to diagnose mental problems that co-occur with your addiction.
  • The next step is the admissions process to our treatment programs, which include inpatient, outpatient or other set-ups prescribed by our clinicians. Once you are admitted, we can work together to create and design an individualized treatment plan per your personal input and preferences, together with professional advice from our specialists based on assessment results.
  • Chiron Recovery has several medically supervised detox options to choose from, all of which are aimed at successfully paving the way toward recovery and rehabilitation. Once detox has been completed and your body and mind have somehow been cleared up, you are now more receptive to basic knowledge about your condition and learn new skills to cope with it — through individual, family or group sessions.
  • We appreciate the importance of self-help, as well as the stable support from family and peers, all of which serve as a vital supplement to the medical professional assistance we offer.

Trauma Treatment

With our dual-diagnosis program, we make sure that each client has undergone thorough assessment and evaluation from our specialists in order to identify possible symptoms of trauma, which has a close link to addiction. By doing do, we can tailor a treatment plan that addresses both addiction and trauma or some other mental issue.

Elderly Treatment

According to a Psych Central journal report, approximately 3 million senior citizens over 65 years of age are struggling with alcohol abuse, and this figure is projected to double up in 2020. An estimate from the Psychiatric Times also states that elderly people buy more or less 25% of the overall prescription drugs in the US and that roughly 11% of this demographic is prone to abusing and becoming addicted to these medications.

With these disturbing statistics in mind, Chiron Recovery offer specialized treatment for the elderly, considering their particular needs and circumstances relevant to their advanced age. We guarantee to give extra care and attention to your aging loved ones who are battling substance abuse and other underlying physical complications or mental disorders.

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