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Alcohol Rehab Centers

Moderate alcohol consumption is generally not harmful to most adults. However in some cases, drinking, even in moderation can lead to alcohol dependence, also known as alcoholism. The main goal of alcohol treatment centers is to provide a road to abstinence for those who suffer from alcohol dependence.

Alcohol can be abused in many different ways. When you suffer from alcoholism, it means that you are physically addicted and you still have a severe problem with your consumption. This can often lead to other issues that can affect your daily life including drinking-related problems at school, work, or at home. It can also lead you to dangerous situations that can compromise your health and safety.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Binge drinking is also a common problem that involves the use of excessive alcohol. It is the consumption of an exaggerated amount of alcohol for a short period of time. Generally, men who consume more than five drinks in an hour or two, and women who consume four or more within the span of two hours are considered to be binge drinking.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism You Should Watch Out For

The signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are the comparatively the same in so many ways and are often just a question of severity. Often the alcoholic themselves are the last to admit there is a problem. Some of the most common signs of alcoholism include:

  • Lying or hiding your drinking
  • Drinking alone
  • Blacking out regularly
  • Being unable to limit your alcohol consumption
  • Constant craving for alcohol
  • Negligence towards responsibilities
  • Relationship problems sprouting from alcohol abuse
  • Irritability when drinking times near
  • Hiding alcohol in unlikely places
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not drinking

Confronting Your Alcohol Addiction

To achieve a full recovery, the first thing you have to do is acknowledge that there is a problem with your alcohol consumption. This can be very difficult for some people; as mentioned, it’s a struggle to admit there is a problem.

Nonetheless, this is a necessary step to take towards getting your life back on track. Also, knowing the negative impact drinking has on your overall health can be motivating enough to get you on the road to recovery. Reducing the amount you drink won’t resolve your addiction – actually it might just be a blip before you fall back into drinking as much or more than before. Because of this, it is crucial to examine getting the help of professionals who can prescribe medications, detoxification, counseling, and other rehabilitation options.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

What to Expect During Your Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When you have decided to make your life much better, you will begin an exciting lifelong journey that will be equally challenging. It will take a lot of courage and perseverance to maintain a clean and sober life. And although it can be hard, it will be fulfilling and rewarding in the long run. Your alcohol treatment will generally be separated into different stages.


When seeking help from Chiron Recovery, the first thing you will undergo is the admission process. Regardless if you sought help voluntarily or other circumstances forced you to, this will be the initial step towards getting a life of sobriety. At this stage, you may experience some hesitation and think that your problem is not that bad, but it is important to remember that denial is a powerful nemesis holding you back.


This is the most important early part of any addiction treatment endeavor. Detox is the gradual elimination of the harmful toxic substances from your body. This usually is the hardest phase of the recovery process both physically and mentally because you can experience a lot of withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and irritability among others. Although withdrawal symptoms can often be dangerous, getting the help of certified clinicians from Chiron can make the journey all worth the time and effort.

Alcohol Addiction

Your recovery process will continue with additional therapy sessions based on your specific needs. This will enforce your treatment process and will teach you life skills which you can use after your rehabilitation. During this phase, you can participate in individual or group therapy sessions where therapists are able to address any underlying causes that led to your addiction. This is also where you are able to identify triggers that can cause any possible relapse and learn of effective strategies on how to effectively cope with them to maintain sobriety.

Aftercare Plans

After you advance from your sessions, the next step would be developing an aftercare plan you can use to enhance your recovery. This may include continued therapy sessions, support groups and other arrangements you can use to stay clean and sober. This is where you are able to practice the tools and skills that you have learned while inside the center and contribute to the welfare of society.

Chiron Recovery and the Florida Model

Chiron Recovery uses the Florida model for rehabilitation. This has been seen to be effective in all aspects of alcohol treatment because if offers the familiarity of a home-like environment along with the needed support and guidance. The center utilizes this new approach to rehabilitation where you can live in a separate dwelling house and the treatment centers are located separately.

The Florida model offers something different than the traditional treatment facilities that offer everything under one roof. At Chiron Recovery, living quarters and the treatment facilities are located separately, giving you the opportunity to learn life skills you can use when you effectively graduate from the center.

Also, you are given enough space to facilitate your recovery more effectively but with the guidance and support, you need during and after the treatment process.

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