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Detox Treatment

Detox is probably the most challenging chapter in your recovery journey. Whether it is for alcohol or drug addiction, Chiron Treatment guarantees that you are provided the safest evidence-based detox options per your personal history, medical background, and assessment results.

Our licensed and certified team of detox specialists provides the necessary medical monitoring during the sensitive detox process. You can rely on them to help you manage the often-difficult withdrawal symptoms that accompany detox.

Detox Treatment

Understanding Detox

Detox is essentially the primary clean-up phase to set the stage for treatment and rehabilitation. In this process, all the toxin build-up resulting from drugs or alcohol will be flushed out of your system so that you can regain control of your basic physical and mental faculties lost due to substance abuse. You can never skip this preliminary clearing-up phase, which is a critical step towards the goal of sobriety. In other words, there are no known shortcuts to recovery and rehabilitation.

Before administering a detox treatment plan, we make sure that you have been thoroughly assessed and evaluated by our professional intake team. Only after assessment can we create a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan; and only with an accurate plan can you achieve recovery success.

For that reason, we at Chiron are committed to making our clients feel more secure, confident and empowered during the otherwise demoralizing detox process. Honestly, detox can make you feel broken down and helpless. On the other hand, the results are worth all the austerity and sacrifice. Our supportive team will guide and assist you all the way through detox and towards lifelong freedom from alcohol and drugs. While most people are afraid of entering rehab simply because they dread the detox process, we assure you that you are making the best decision in your life if you choose to undergo detox under Chiron Recoverys’s professional medical supervision.

Your Detox Options at Chiron Recoverys

The length of time spent in detox varies from one client to another, lasting for a couple of days or perhaps more than one week depending on what specific substance you may be addicted to and the severity of your dependence. However, we firmly stand by the belief that the length of treatment must match the patient’s needs. We respect that each client has his own pace; therefore, rushing detox is out of the question. What matters most is that you can complete the detoxification process, regardless of the length of time you spend on doing so. Here are the detox options available at Chiron.

Detox Options (3)

Inpatient Detox

You can take shelter at our homey and peaceful residential facilities during your inpatient treatment program, which is best for clients with severe addictions or equally damaging medical and psychological complications. Our certified healthcare staff will see to it that you get 24/7 medical attention and surveillance. Another benefit you can get from this setting is that its restrictive schedules and house rules make it virtually impossible for you to access drugs or alcohol to sustain your addiction. Nevertheless, you still get to enjoy regular visits from loved ones.

Medical Detox

This involves the possible prescription of medications to alleviate and ease severe withdrawal symptoms that accompany detox. It is usually recommended for clients suffering from opioid addiction, the withdrawal symptoms of which are often intolerable and thus certainly require medication.

Outpatient Detox

In this detox approach, you get to continue with normal daily routines such as going to work or performing home or school duties. You undergo a less restrictive detox process scheduled during non-office hours. However, this option is open only to clients with milder addictions. Our specialists can assess and evaluate you to know if you qualify for an outpatient treatment or not.

Natural Detox

As per recommendation of our clinicians, you may choose this medication-free option. We will see to it that you maintain a healthy body and a sound mind to better combat and overcome withdrawal symptoms. This natural path introduces you to the following resources: Neurofeedback, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

These evidence-based approaches work alongside group/family sessions and other more hands-on and practical forms of therapy that aid in reducing pain, discomfort, and cravings, as well as in improving concentration and restoring sleep – all without turning to prescription medication or non-addictive drug substitutes.

To determine which detox option is right for you, do give us a call and our pre-intake team will answer all your questions and concerns. After the scheduled assessment and evaluation from our intake team, we can work out a personalized treatment plan that is accurate, safer, and more efficient.

Why Chiron Recovery Advises Clients Against Going Cold Turkey

We care about the well-being of individuals suffering from addiction. And it is out of this sincere compassion that we strongly recommend taking the safer medically-assisted detox route and emphatically advise against going cold turkey, which is a risky path to take.

Going cold turkey virtually means skipping the crucial step of assessment, which is aimed at diagnosing and addressing not only the disease of addiction itself but also other underlying medical conditions and co-occurring psychological disorders.

Detox Options (2)

Furthermore, detox brings about various withdrawal symptoms that range from mild to severe, to fatal – depending on how severe the addiction is. One of the most unbearable symptoms of withdrawal is the persistent cravings for whatever substance you are being detoxified of. If you attempt stopping your drug or alcohol habit all on your own, you may end up giving in to these cravings and thus easily fall back into the quagmire of addiction.

If on the other hand, our professional medical specialists are behind you during these tough times, then you have a better chance of overcoming cravings and other physically and mentally challenging withdrawal symptoms that may include:

  • Profuse sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severe headaches
  • Tremors
  • Confusion and anxiety
  • Agitation and paranoia
  • Depression and suicidal tendencies
  • Hallucinations

Furthermore, we at Chiron Recovery can carefully monitor your medical and psychological health status and take the necessary precautionary measures for more serious but preventable withdrawal effects, such as seizures, debilitating muscle pains, heart attacks, paralysis, or death.

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