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Drug Addiction Treatment

The most pervasive aspect of addiction is the psychological grip it has on a person. Psychological addiction can even weigh heavier than physical dependency on the substance. Also, even a drug that does not create physical dependence often results in psychological addiction. This happens because the pleasure center in your brain has been intoxicated by euphoria-producing chemicals which you try to seek all the time.

In order to get help, the very first step you have to do is to acknowledge that there is an existing problem. This can be the most crucial step, as most often, people tend to dismiss the problem because of the power of denial. Acknowledging that you have a substance abuse problem is a way of taking responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Drug Addiction Treatment

The next step you have to do is seek help for your addiction. Getting the needed help can be the most trying phase towards your road to recovery but can be the most vital. Doubts about what the future hold and anxiety can plague you, but taking it one step at a time can be the most courageous thing you can do for yourself.

Chiron’s Florida Model of Rehabilitation

Common and traditional treatment facilities most often have an all-inclusive atmosphere where the living quarters and treatment facilities are housed in the same building, Chiron does this differently. Our treatment center uses the Florida Model for substance rehabilitation, which is an effective way of providing care without the failings of a traditional facility.

This Florida model has been used since the mid-1980s and has been contributory to the success of inpatient drug rehabs over the years. It has allowed patients to live in an atmosphere that provides adequate comfort similar to the homes they live in, free from the formalities of a hospital setting.

The Florida model also offers something distinct because patients can dwell in a residential facility and has a separate clinical facility where they can have regular visits with a doctor to manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

  • Home-Like Environment. Unlike staying in an institution like facility, our center has separate living quarters where you can relax and enjoy akin to the environment you have at home.  You have access to the kitchen and other amenities where you can help each other cook meals.  This gives you the opportunity to develop life skills which can be useful in the real-life environment.
  • Separate Treatment Center. We have a structured environment which gives you enough room to overcome your addiction.  Our treatment center is separate from the living quarters and allows you to get supervised medical treatment during the hardest phase of your recovery.  They are also used for the therapies such as group, individual, or family counseling during the course of your rehabilitation.
  • Transitional Housing. Transitional housing allows you to live in an environment where you can practice the skills you have learned during therapy and the treatment program.  This also gives you the opportunity to live in an environment where you are away from temptations while still having the supervision and support you need.

As addiction treatment can be a challenging road towards recovery, having an atmosphere that provides the familiarity of your home along with the needed support similar to that of friends and family can help you get to your goals much quicker. The Florida model takes a different perspective of substance treatment and creates a new life approach where you can effectively combat your drug addiction. It also provides you with effective tools you need to maintain a clean and sober life.

A New Approach to Addiction Recovery

Life after drug addiction can be very different with distinct guidelines and realities. Traditional facilities most often do not fully equip you with the life skills you need after your detox, addiction, and recovery. So for most people who have gone through the battle, the question always settles as to what they would do after their recovery.

Drug Addiction Treatment 2

Getting your life back to the normal tracks can be one thing, but equipping you with life skills you can use after your rehabilitation can be another problem.  Chiron’s Recovery Center works to give you the life skills you need after your recovery.  We incorporate learning therapies that will help you get back on your feet and take control of your life.  Crucial skill such as proper decision and judgment building, nutrition, establishing skills, and conflict resolution are all incorporated within the treatment program so it can contribute to your self-sufficiency.

Customized Care Fit for Your Individual Needs

Drug addiction is an often incapacitating disease that can affect anyone regardless of their age, background, and sexuality. Your individual journey towards addiction was unique in every aspect. Chiron works with each patient personally to customize your treatment program based on the unique nature of your addiction.

At, Chiron, we offer continuous care within one consistent and complete care model. Regardless of your background, we can work with you to remove you from the grasps of your addiction. At the same time, Chiron can provide you with the skills you need to gain a clean and sober life. We can work in all aspects of your addiction from managing the physical symptoms of withdrawal to the psychological co-existing conditions you may be suffering.

We also use a multidisciplinary treatment program that does not discriminate regardless of your race, culture, and other factors that make you unique. This simply means that we can deliberate from an assortment of fields and can treat your addiction from different angles. Our staff is composed of highly trained professionals who are experienced in every aspect of addiction treatment.

Encompassing every facet of your addiction, even after your recovery, Chiron can provide you with the aftercare plan you need to prevent the possibilities of relapses and other problems. A comprehensive aftercare plan is an essential part of your recovery process and we can provide you with a personalized aftercare plan that is designed based on your individual needs.

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