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Holistic Rehab Centers

The journey to a lifelong sobriety can be challenging – especially during the initial stages when you are ready to seek help and overcome your addiction. There often comes a time when you try to hide the alcohol and drug dependency and feel helpless about the situation. Getting the needed assistance can help put your life back on track and can lead to a more rewarding and fruitful life.

For one thing, people who are seeking help need to get the support they require. Most often when you have decided to stay clean, sober, and enter rehabilitation, you find that the people who really care about you are there to help and support you in getting your life back on the right path.

Holistic Rehab Treatment

When seeking treatment, it can be important for the treatment facility to have a holistic approach to the rehabilitation process. This enforces the treatment process and allows you to find an outlet to let your drug and alcohol addiction ease off effectively without the hazards that are often associated with it. Chiron Recovery can help you get your life back with holistic approaches to your treatment program.

What is the Holistic Approach?

Holistic rehab treatment is often used to define a set of treatment programs offered as part of a unique treatment approach. Holistic treatment is different from the conventional treatment programs that most rehab centers use. It is an integrated and alternative therapy generally used to enforce the effectivity of a treatment program and avoid the possibility of relapses in the long run.

Therapies that involve the overall mental, physical, and spiritual health are employed to unify all aspects of an individual to promote optimum wellness and create a stronger sense of well-being. They are effective remedies in preventing the physical symptoms of addiction and alcoholism and are more focused on correcting the behaviors that caused the initial addiction.

The therapeutic foundation of holistic approaches to drug and alcohol addiction are geared more on the natural treatment and remedies. Holistic treatment avoids relying on traditional medication to treat a substance dependency, however holistic approaches can be incorporated into the traditional substance abuse treatment structure and can be helpful in maintaining abstinence. They often involve the use of physical, mental, and spiritual coordination to boost immunity and reduce the stresses associated with the addiction. They also encourage the healing process by allowing the body to cope better, heal faster, and maintain overall health.

The Center’s Holistic Rehab Treatments

Chiron Recovery uses some holistic approaches to facilitate in your road to recovery. They are effective activities that can be integrated with your treatment plan to aid in a more effective rehabilitation.

  • Yoga and Meditation. Yoga is an ancient practice that connects your body and mind through relaxation.  It also enables you to focus on your reflections and learn about your inner self.  Yoga and meditation can help quiet your mind, ease tensions, and helps you embrace calmness.  This body-mind approach can be very effective in preventing possible relapses after the treatment process and can thwart certain addictive tendencies through the process of tranquility and mind training.
  • Music Therapy. This creative arts therapy has been seen to be helpful for recovering addicts.  It can be used to address several psychological, physical, and social issues that you may be facing.  Music therapy helps you develop relaxation and coping techniques and can enhance your awareness of yourself and your environment.  It can support healthy thoughts and feelings and increase your life motivation.  Music therapy is also a safe method of releasing hidden emotions and decreasing anxiety.
  • Art Therapy. Another form of creative arts therapy, art therapy uses your imagination and creativity to express emotions.  The main objective of art therapy is for you to be able to develop and widen your communication so you can convey your experiences better.  This may include several forms of activities such as drawing, dancing, painting, sculpting, or poetry among others.  Art therapy is an excellent way for you to go through the experiences, emotions and issues that drove you to your addiction.
  • Access to the Gym. Physical activity boosts and restores the brain’s chemical balance and can be helpful for a recovering addict.  It helps you understand your full potential and can be an essential part of your effort to stay sober.  Access to the gym helps you feel much stronger physically, improves your overall health, and increases your determination to stay clean and sober.  Exercise also allows you to have a natural high which can simulate the artificial high you have been going after.

Is The Holistic Approach Right For You?

The traditional rehab treatment uses a range of prescribed medicines to safely take you off the difficult and dangerous detoxification and withdrawal stage. The holistic approach, on the other hand, can be integrated into the treatment process and can be utilized with the emphasis on self-discovery. It can also be used to enable the body to start the natural healing process and recovery.

Holistic Rehab Treatment

With the holistic approach, you can expect to go through a detoxification stage and likely a supervised withdrawal. This then can be succeeded by a series of therapy sessions, and post-treatment recovery plans. When you undergo a holistic treatment, you may participate in a more laid-back atmosphere that veers your focus away from the rehabilitation process. Activities can have more emphasis on self-discovery and allow you to learn more about yourself and your potentials. This way, it allows you start the natural healing process which can help modify your cravings for the substance in question.

Holistic treatment can be incorporated with your overall rehabilitation. It also shows the distinction between treating the addiction and treating the person with drug and alcohol addiction. A holistic approach to drug recovery treats you as an individual with the problem and not just on the cluster of symptoms you experience. It is able to address every aspect of your total well-being and promote your physical, psychological, spiritual, and social health and comfort.

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