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Yoga & Meditation

There are a lot of misconceptions about yoga and meditation. Most people think that yoga is a form of exercise while others think it is a religion. On the other hand, it is neither an exercise nor a religion. Yoga can be compared to a yoke, used by a farmer to connect with his animal. Yoga, in other words, is a process wherein we can achieve harmony within ourselves. Harmony between the mind, body and spirit. An opportunity for us to reconnect with our real identity and function as who we really are. By doing so we can achieve inner peace, happiness and achieve perfection.

Yoga and Meditation

What are yoga and meditation?

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding meditation as well. For instance, meditation is done simply by emptying the mind or silencing the mind. Meditation means focusing your mind and your attention on something. We meditate on something every day and we do it spontaneously. The only question is, what is it that we should be meditating on? What form of meditation will help us achieve our goal and make us a better person?

This is where Chiron comes in. Chiron is a treatment center wherein it is at the forefront of mental health and psychological disorder treatment. They offer revolutionary methods in treating such disorders. Their programs include music therapy, art therapy, yoga, and meditation. These are all under their holistic rehab treatment. They also offer drug and alcohol addiction treatment, elderly treatment, family treatment, group therapy, family therapy, outdoor therapy and a lot more.

Getting to know more about yoga

There are three aspects of Yoga.

Yoga for the body

First is the physical aspect wherein it is divided into numerous forms. One of the most famous is Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a form of exercise wherein airflow within the body is given more emphasis coupled with yoga asana or postures that help regulate the entire body. Aside from Hatha yoga, there are also different kinds of yoga practices that directly address the bodily needs.

What this can do for you is that it can help you recondition your body. It helps your body heal itself and function properly. It realigns your bone structure and brings back its natural symmetry. It strengthens your core muscles to help you properly hold your posture and balance. It strengthens your legs and arms and enables your muscles to be more flexible. It can also help with the proper circulation of blood and air throughout your entire body. This allows your body to produce the necessary chemicals for it to recuperate and at the same time expel unnecessary toxins within the body.

Yoga and Meditation (2)
Yoga for the mind

Another benefit is that through this process you can have a clearer mind and a better outlook on life. The other two aspects of yoga are the mental and the spiritual aspects. The mental aspect of yoga pertains to knowledge. Through yoga knowledge about the self, our surroundings and our connection with each other can be acquired. The Vedas are the source of this knowledge and it can only be understood if it comes from the right authorities.

Yoga for the soul

The spiritual aspect of yoga is the third and most important aspect. This is where application and realization come in. Application of what was learned and understood and putting it in action. In other words, it is the actual realization of what was heard and learned.

Through this process, one can achieve liberation from encumbrances that make us fall into bad situations. Situations wherein we are forced to do things which we don’t really like and we wouldn’t really do when we are in the right state of mind. Through yoga, one can live a fuller life free from pain, miseries, and distress. Yoga is a gift which can do wonders for us all. It is something that is worth giving a shot. We do encourage everyone to at least give yoga a try.

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